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Backer BHV AB

Fabriksgatan 11
28010 Sösdala

Company information Backer BHV AB


At Backer BHV AB we are experts in elements and system solutions for electrical heating, measurement and control devices as well as double isolated elements, aluminium elements and flexible foil elements.

We can also assist with thermal-engineering problem solving. Our extensive product range includes brake resistors, battery pack heaters, battery heaters, duct heaters, band heaters, water heaters, ceramic heating elements, channel heaters and electric batteries.

General Information

Year established 1948
Corporate capital 3,717,000 SEK
Type of company Head Office
VAT SE556053056901
Fax +46 451 614 37
Website http://www.backer.se http://www.calescofoil.se


  • Backer 

  • Brakon 

  • Danotherm 

  • Eltop 

  • Meyer 

  • Heatrod 

  • Eltwin 

  • Askoma 

  • Calesco 


Area : Worldwide


Area : Worldwide


  • Type:

    ISO 9001:2008

  • Type:

    ISO 140001

Key figures Backer BHV AB


  • Company

    273 Employees


  • 2017

    557,474,000 SEK

  • 2016

    472,141,000 SEK

  • 2015

    421,447,000 SEK

Executives Backer BHV AB

Executive information

Ulf Christer Fredriksson

CEO - Chief Executive Officer (VD)

Torsten Gert-Erik Lindquist

Chairman (Styrelseordförande)

Ulf Christer Fredriksson

Director (Styrelsemedlem)

Per Vilhelm Mattias Örtenblad

Director (Styrelsemedlem)

Johan Carl-Mårten Hörberg

Director (Styrelsemedlem)

Sven Jonas Fredrik Andersson

Director (Styrelsemedlem)

Ole Ruhr

IT Director/Manager (IT)

Michael Nordgren

Admin/Finance Director/Manager (Ekonomi)

Henrik Johansson

Purchasing Director/Manager (Inköp)

Ann-Christin Nilsson

Logistics Director/Manager (Logistik)

Ronnie Svensson

Sales Director/Manager (Försäljning)

Ronnie Svensson

Marketing Director/Manager (Marknad)

Johan Miram

Production Director/Manager (Produktion)

Rickardo Björk

Quality Control Director/Manager (Kvalitet)

Jesper Rane

Personnel Director/Manager (Personal)

Johan Persson Medin

Manufacturing Director/Manager (Konstruktion)

Johan Persson Medin

R & D Director/Manager (Utveckling)

Rickardo Björk

Environmental Director/Manager (Miljö)

Activities Backer BHV AB


  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider