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Recycling of PU and PE foams


Recycling of PU and PE foams
Recycling of PU and PE foams

Start date:  18 March 2022 3:30 PM

♻️ World Recycling Day ♻️

The issue of the environment is increasingly present in our society 🌍

One of the actions of Carpenter SAS is the recyclability of the production off-cuts of foams and more particularly of Polyurethane foams and non-crosslinked Polyethylene foams.

All production off-cuts are sorted and those that can be recycled are

Recycling of Polyurethane foam waste :
▪️PU waste bale over 500 kg
▪️Flake gluing
▪️Production of density controlled PU foam blocks for reuse in various applications

Recycling of non-crosslinked polyethylene foam waste :
▪️Recovery of production off-cuts
▪️ Shredding of offcuts and melting to form ingots
▪️ Grinding of densified PE ingots
▪️Compounding (melting, mixing and homogenising)
▪️Fabrication of recycled PE granules
▪️Reintegration into the manufacturing cycle of PE boards expanded with noble PE

Giving a second life to production scraps or waste is part of our approach to the environment ✅