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How to choose between the 3 axis and 4 axis CNC router?

Mar 29 2020


How to choose between the 3 axis and 4 axis CNC router?

Date: 29 March 2020 4:00 PM

Three-axis CNC router and four-axis CNC router are collectively called woodworking engraving machines. According to the different processing paths, it can be further divided into three types of engraving machines such as the three-axis, four-axis and five-axis. Today, Blue Elephant wants to show you the difference between the three-axis engraving machine and four-axis engraving machine from 5 aspects including what is it, what they can do, what are the differences in configurations, what industries they are applied, and some considerations for selecting a  CNC machine. What we do is to help you choose the CNC machine that is more suitable for your processing needs. Follow me to get it now.

Part 1.  What is CNC router?
3 axis CNC router
3 axis CNC router is the entry-level engraving machine for the engraving machine industry. It can perform intelligent milling, engraving, cutting, milling, grooving and drilling functions in different materials by moving a tool bit on three-axis. As a basic machine, it can be upgraded to other machines like multi-head CNC router, multi-process CNC router and other CNC machine.
4 Axis CNC router
4 axis CNC router generally can be divided 4th axis CNC router and rotary axis CNC router. Compared to the 3 axis CNC router, the 4th axis engraving machine is special in its spindle which can swing 180 degrees left and right. And this type 4 axis CNC router not only can realize plane processing but also make work possible on both sides. And it mainly does some surface processing of 3D work pieces.
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Blue Elephant visits Turkish users

Mar 18 2020

New service

Blue Elephant visits Turkish users

Date: 18 March 2020 4:00 PM

This time our after-sales engineers came to romantic Turkey. Of course, the purpose of our trip is not to go on a hot air balloon. We are here to visit our Turkish users to help users better understand the machine and operate the CNC machine. Our engineers came directly to the user's processing site. Demonstrate the operation process of the machine, the use process of the software, and the precautions during the use for the customer. In order to help customers extend the service life of our machines, our engineers also specifically explained a series of tips for the maintenance of our machines.
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Welcome Australian customers to come to test their machine

Mar 12 2020

New service

Welcome Australian customers to come to test their machine

Date: 12 March 2020 4:00 PM

This time we are receiving customers from Australia. The customer came here mainly for inspection, and came to the site to learn about the machine's operating procedures, precautions and maintenance techniques. The machine purchased by the customer is a 1325 two-step engraving machine with row drills. This two-step engraving machine is equipped with two heads. The head is controlled by the cylinder and can be switched freely. No manual tool change is required, which reduces the error and improves the machining efficiency. It can easily achieve the ideal machining effect of the customer.
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Mar 11 2020



Date: 11 March 2020 4:00 PM


1. 以下是口罩布的分类:
12260 Fabrics, man-made fibres 人造纤维面料
1226015 Fabrics, polypropylene (PP) 聚丙烯(PP)布

12270 Fabrics, man-made fibres, by use  人造纤维面料,按用途分的
1227049 Fabrics, industrial, polypropylene (PP) 聚丙烯(PP)工业布

12760 Fabrics, non-woven, by use  无纺布,按用途分类的
1276049 Fabrics, non-woven, for medical and surgical use 无纺布,医用和外科手术用

2. 以下是口罩机产品分类:
50700 Felt and non-woven fabric making machinery 毡子和无纺布制造机
5070001 Felt machinery, woollen, continuous yarn felting 毡子制造机,用于羊毛和长丝毡合
5070002 Spun-bonded fabric production plant 纺粘型(非织造)无纺布生产设备
5070003 Needle looms and punched felt machines 针织机和针刺毡织机
5070004 Pre-needling machines, felt and non-woven fabric 预针刺机,用于毡子和无纺布
5070005 Settlers, felt and non-woven fabric 沉淀池,用于毡子和无纺布
5070007 Carding machinery and equipment, felt and non-woven fabric 梳理设备,用于毡子和无纺布
5070008 Decatising machines for felt 蒸煮机,用于毡子
5070009 Laying machines for felt 搓绳机,用于毡
5070011 Electrostatic flocking equipment, felt and non-woven fabric 静电植绒设备,用于毡子和无纺布
5070012 Wadding machinery, felt and non-woven fabric 衬垫制造机,用于毡子和无纺布
5070013 Fulling machines, felt and non-woven fabric 缩呢机,用于毡子和无纺布
5070014 Hardening machines, felt and non-woven fabrics 硬化机,用于毡子和无纺布
5070015 Finishing machines, felt and non-woven fabric 修整机,用于毡子和无纺布
5070016 Napping machines, felt and non-woven fabric 起绒机,用于毡子和无纺布
5070017 Stretching machines, felt and non-woven fabric 伸缩机,用于毡子和无纺布
5070018 Stumping machines, felt and non-woven fabric 截短机,用于毡子和无纺布
5070020 Lapping machines, felt and non-woven fabric 卷板机,用于毡子和无纺布
5070021 Shearing machines, felt and non-woven fabric 剪毛机,用于毡子和无纺布
5070023 Trimming machines for felt 滚边机,用于毡子
5070024 Selvedge openers for non-woven fabric tape recovery 织边机,用于无纺织布条回收
5070025 Cutters, felt and non-woven fabric 裁剪机,用于毡子和无纺布
5070030 Heat bonding calenders for non-woven fabrics 热贴合砑光机,用于无纺布
5070031 Heat bonding equipment, ultrasonic, for non-woven fabrics 热贴合砑光设备,超声波的,用于无纺布
5070032 Bonding equipment, infrared, for non-woven fabrics 贴合机,红外线的,用于无纺布
5070040 Folding machines for flat felt and non-woven fibre products 折叠机,用于平毡和无纺布制品
5070050 Equipment for making non-woven cloths 设备,用于制无纺布服装
5070053 Rammers, portable power 手持式电动夯实机
5070054 Felt manufacturing plant, complete 毡子生产设备,成套的
5070055 Non-woven fabric manufacturing plant, complete 无纺布生产设备,成套的

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Welcome Qatar customers to visit the factory

Mar 5 2020

Press release

Welcome Qatar customers to visit the factory

Date: 05 March 2020 4:00 PM

This time we are receiving customers from Qatar. The customer said that the main processing material is acrylic, and he hopes that this time he will come to the factory to personally test the real processing effect of our CNC machine processing acrylic. In addition, the customer also stated that the machine he want to purchase can process more materials. After knowing the customer's needs, we first prepared the acrylic material requested by the customer. And then debug the machine so that it will be convenient to test for the customer.

After receiving the customer, we first explained to the customer the materials that our machine can process. Ordinary engraving machine can process most non-metallic materials such as plastic plates, PVC pipes, wood boards, etc., and it can also process copper, aluminum, iron and other metal materials. Widely used in the woodworking industry, advertising industry, mold industry and crafts production industries. Therefore, the customer needs to process the acrylic material, our CNC machine can easily achieve the ideal processing effect of the customer.
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