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Midlands Machinery 2020

Nov 18 2020

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Midlands Machinery 2020

Date: 18 November 2020 12:00 AM

Location: The Showground, Lincoln Road, Winthorpe, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 2NY

Flowfit are pleased to be announce that we will be exhibiting at this year’s Midlands Machinery Show 2020!  
The Midlands Machinery Show which is organised by Newark and Nottinghamshire Agricultural Society will feature a wide range of small and medium sized agricultural businesses to show their diverse range of machinery and innovation to those who work in and have an interest in agriculture! Midlands Machinery is held over two days on Wednesday the 18th and Thursday 19th of November 2020 at the Showground on Lincoln Road in Winthorpe, Newark, Nottinghamshire.
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The new Elesa  MPI-R10 magnetic measuring system in IP54 or IP67 housing provides seven-digit remote readout of linear or angular measurements. Offering a solution which benefits the operative to manage equipment safely, accurately and quickly without the need to personally access the materials or the measuring head. Whilst providing an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm and a resolution of 0.01mm, it is suitable for use in many sectors and industries. The MPI-R10 magnetic measuring system has proven useful across machining, cutting, assembly and positioning for woodwork, alongside other industries for structural component assembly, such as building fabrication, production of frames and more. Ideal for situations in which contact isn’t advisable or where dirt, dust or swarf may interfere with other measuring equipment. 
The MPI-R10 magnetic measuring system is used with an  FC-MPI sensor in combination with an  M-BAND-10 magnetic strip to form a complete system for the measurement of linear and angular displacement (with a minimum radius of 65 mm). The system is characterised by an extremely easy assembly and offers precise alignment and positioning, reducing time and keeping machining cycle times to the minimum.
Maximum ease of assembly and disassembly is complimented with 4 multifunction keys for easy programming to display values in millimetres, inches or angular degrees as absolute or incremental readings. The MPI-R10 provides up to 10 programmable offset values with storage and display of 32 target positions. The display is housed with a polycarbonate front plate resistant to greases, oils, alcohol and mineral acids.
The FC-MPI magnetic sensor with cable features a die-cast zinc alloy nickel-plated body and snap assembly cable connector, which facilitates insertion and guarantees correct connection even in the presence of vibration or accidental movement. Measurement is facilitated by a self-adhesive M-BAND-10 strip for attachment to the machine base.
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As market leaders in the industrial hardware market, Elesa manufacture many high quality standard industrial components for use on MIG, pulse-MIG, TIG, MMA, ARC welders, plasma cutters and surface treatment machines – also on welder gensets and water coolers. These stylish standard components greatly contribute to the good looks and low production costs of welding equipment for both the professional and hobbyist engineer, whatever the application.
As part of the Elesa ELECOLORS® range, Elesa EBP bridge handles are robust enough for the workshop environment and are available with attractive colour inserts which can co-ordinate with existing brand colours. They come in lengths of 116mm to 208mm for carrying, lifting and wheeling of machines.
Elesa heavy duty DVA vibration damping rubber bushes are used to insulate vibration for equipment, such as anti-vibration feet or internal mountings. Sizes from 8mm to 125mm are available with a selection of mounting plate/stud arrangements and Shore hardness options.
Powerful RMD flat retaining magnets (from 16mm to 100mm dia.) with pass-through mounting hole are used for secure closure of access doors on welding equipment housings. Available with Ferrite, Neodymium or Samarium Cobalt cores.
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Elesa standard components for machine enclosures and guards

Sep 17 2020

Press release

Elesa standard components for machine enclosures and guards

Date: 17 September 2020 12:55 PM

Elesa standard components support the construction of machine enclosures and guards made using standard aluminium profiles and acrylic or polycarbonate panels, where it is often important to produce custom sizes to suit the specific machines involved. This is generally to ensure that operators are kept at a safe distance while the equipment is live and dangerous. It is normal therefore to provide access doors, e.g. for operation of switches, control buttons, screens and keypads, or for actual personnel access in which case the Elesa CFSW hinges provide safety power cut off once the door starts to be opened. The operator is protected and may gain safe access when required, but is also unable to make adjustments while the equipment is running, which could potentially lead to catastrophic damage.
The CFSW hinge features an inbuilt multiple switch which automatically cuts the power supply to protect the operator. This IP67 double insulated hinge can be subjected to frequent cleaning cycles and can be used in any situation or environment where special attention to cleaning and hygiene is required, such as in food processing or pharmaceutical production. Its small size, with various assembly and output options, make this product easy to install on the most common aluminium profiles of 30 mm minimum width.
Complimentary to the CFSW hinge Elesa offer their BMS series snap door lock coupled with GN 676.5 stainless steel hand knobs to complete the door arrangement. Rugged glass reinforced technopolymer BMS snap locks provide a convenient snap-close/snap-open function or snap-closed/lift-to-open, as well as snap-closed/ release-with-key for greater door security.
GN 676.5 hand knobs match the stainless or aluminium aesthetic, having a high-quality matt finish edged with plain or knurled rims to ensure a positive grip for opening/closing of enclosure doors. They are especially designed for use in harsh environments where they are resistant to chemicals and gasses which would degrade less robust materials.
Further information regarding Elesa products may be found here.
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New FH Modular Coolant Hose system from Elesa UK

Sep 2 2020

New product

New FH Modular Coolant Hose system from Elesa UK

Date: 02 September 2020 2:50 PM

The new Elesa FH Modular Coolant Hose system provides a popular solution in metal cutting and machining applications, and for lubricating large compressors and other equipment, in the oil and gas industries. This modular system using snap assembly of the single elements allows adjustment of the lubricating jet with maximum flexibility, while maintaining stability in operation even in the presence of equipment vibration.
The Elesa system allows coolant provision to cutting heads, such as lathes, broaches, grinding, sawing and polishing: essentially anywhere that a splash coolant application is appropriate. Modular snap-fit segmental design provides an adjustable friction fit, which allows the hose to hold a set position and enables both easy length and angular adjustment, with the benefit of multiple nozzle types. The addition of an adjustable flow valve accessory enables variation of flow and spread of fluid to suit variable sizes of workpiece, using a max input pressure of 4 bar.
Elesa FH.1/4 coolant hose is offered as a standard kit of parts to suit most typical installations, comprising 20 segments made from blue acetal-based technopolymer (POM), with two FHJ threaded fittings in orange, plus four FHN nozzles also in orange. The kit is supplemented by availability of extra tube sections, spare threaded fittings, additional nozzles, three diameters of jet and two configurations of fan outlet, in addition to adjustable flow valve and magnetic stand, for easy placement and adjustability.
Tubing sections have industry standard ¼ in – 6 mm internal diameter with nozzles in orange colour for safety visibility. A comparable set of ½ in – 12 mm ID is available - also to special request, a system is offered with tubes having a diameter of 3/4"- 18mm ID.
Acetal-based technopolymer (POM) is resistant to detergents, lubricants and oils. Special tubes, fittings and nozzles are available on request made from raw materials suitable for contact with food (FDA CFR.21 and EU 10/2011).
Further information regarding Elesa products may be found here.
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Given the growing worldwide need for re-processing and re-cycling, Elesa, as market leading manufacturers of standard industrial components, are delighted to support the waste management and processing industries with robust standard components designed for application in these arduous environments and available ex-stock.
GN 949 stainless steel spoked handwheels are offered for manual adjustment of valves, gates, rollers, screw adjusted equipment where they provide ergonomic operation and longevity derived from their robust corrosion resistant construction.
The Elesa RE.E2 range of castors and wheels find use on stillages used in loading or transferring materials – also for enabling mobility of structures such as swinging conveyor gantries. Fitment of wheels onto processing machinery carts and barrows.
Likewise, DVA vibration dampers and buffers are ideal to mitigate vibration of pumps, valves, gearboxes, sieves, joggers and shakers. They may be used for mounting of equipment to frames and for use as feet on stand-alone items, also for motion control as bump stops to cushion stroke limits.
Further information regarding Elesa products may be found here.
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The Elesa Panel Support Clamp range offers a quick and robust solution to the construction of safety screens manufactured in acrylic or other materials. These screens are particularly beneficial when managing COVID infection risks in public areas or the workplace. Elesa Panel Support Clamps enable simple assembly of divider panels such as “sneeze screens and shields” for industrial safety enclosures, guarding of machines or workstations.
In particular their award-winning PC – Panel Support Clamp range enables easy installation of protective panels onto industrial frames in steel or aluminium extruded sections. This innovative range has been extended with the PPR series in black or grey, for plain panels between 4mm to 6mm, or for wire mesh as an aid to ensuring compliance with machine safety requirements such as ISO 13857 para 4.2.4.
Suitable for architectural panels and similar, such as stair panels, partitions, balconies and more. Elesa Panel Support Clamps can be fitted to standard 1" square tube without drilling and come with or without internal vibration damping rubber grip pads for plain panels, or with locking teeth to suit electro-welded mesh type TEC® (max. wire dia. 3mm). They are constructed in tough glass reinforced polyamide with flush mounted M5 AISI 304 stainless steel fittings for a quick and simple clamp-in-place installation.
Original PC Clamp series offer the option to be securely fitted to aluminium extrusions or steel channel sections and incorporates full component retention when open, plus rubber grip pads to ensure stable location without drilling of the panel. Panel installation with PC Panel Support Clamps requires that the correct spacer be fitted to match the relevant panel thickness and the hex keyed screw (M6) be tightened up. The positive grip characteristics of the clamp, combined with its method of fixing, ensures a secure fixing of the guard panel. Grip range of the PC Clamp runs from 3.1mm up to 8.00mm by virtue of retained spacers.
Further information regarding Elesa products may be found here.
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Royal Welsh Show 2020

Jul 19 2020

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Royal Welsh Show 2020

Date: 19 July 2020 11:00 PM

Location: Royal Welsh Showground, Llanelwedd, Builth Wells, Powys, LD2 3SY

Flowfit are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at the  Royal Welsh show!
The pinnacle event in the British argicultural calendar, the Royal Welsh Show, will be held from the 20th to the 23rd July 2020 at the Showground in Llanelwedd. Along with an exciting four days of livestock competitions, with entries travelling from far and wide to compete, the show has something to interest everyone through its wide range of activities including forestry, horticulture, crafts, countryside sports, shopping, food and drink and a 12 hour programme each day of exciting entertainment, attractions and displays.
We look forward to seeing you there!
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NEW Forehead Thermometers and Key Worker Discounts from TME

Jul 16 2020

New product

NEW Forehead Thermometers and Key Worker Discounts from TME

Date: 16 July 2020 3:37 PM

TME is helping businesses get back to work with a new range of contactless infra-red forehead thermometers.

Tom Sensier MD: “We have secured good stocks of non-contact forehead thermometers with next day availability. We hope this will go some way to helping businesses manage their covid-secure operations, especially in high risk occupations and for key workers.”

Covid Secure Thermometers
TME’s infrared health thermometers are fully certified, suitable for use in the workplace, home and school – ideal for spotting high body temperature related to Covid-19 Infection.

The fast-response, easy to use device is suitable for both adults and children. Features include
  • instant indication of temperatures outside of ‘normal’ limits,
  • 1 second response time 
  • automatic power off
  • instructions and batteries are included
Key Worker Discounts
TME also continues to assist businesses with our COVID-19 Keyworker and Essential Services Discount Codes including up to 40% discounts on all products. Eligible organisations include the NHS, Care Providers, Food Manufacturers and other essential services. Visit www.tmethermometers.com for full details.
TME manufactures and supplies a full range of temperature test and measurement equipment for all uses via its online shop at www.tmethermometers.com or by contacting the sales team direct on 01903 700651 sales@tmelectronics.co.uk

“We are a proud to be a British family business with over 25 years’ experience, manufacturing and supplying quality, high accuracy temperature test and monitoring equipment for all industries in the UK and for export worldwide.”

TME When temperature matters
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As international component manufacturers of high quality items from handwheels to positioning indicators, Elesa know what helps to ensure best practice in production. They are therefore pleased to launch this powerful new MM range of pneumatic clamps (up to 475Nm) which offer fast repetitive clamping cycles on manual or automated production lines to aid achievement of lower costs and more efficient output.
The MM range is available in side locking, axial locking and axial centre locking (twin jaw) designs to suit the many variations required for handling of jigs and components in all orientations. They are produced in robust black oxide finished steel housings readily fitted to production machines of all types using an extensive selection of accessories. These provide many clamping adaptations quickly and easily with stock components to aid correct set up and to minimise down time.
Accessories include “I” brackets which enable mounting of jaw blocks and “Y” brackets to accept clamping screws, so that correct installation may be executed in a simple fashion; also right angled brackets, jaw blocks, shim kits, centre bushings, mounting brackets and rear protective shields. Correct positioning at speed may be controlled with Elesa MM proximity switches connected to the clamping controller.
MM series pneumatic fastening clamps are characterised by a "double effect" pneumatic cylinder which transmits a rotating movement to the clamping arm and achieves a maximum locking momentum when the clamping arm arrives at the stroke end. Under test these pneumatic fastening clamps have shown consistent performance for more than 20 million cycles.
Further options include Teflon coating for high temperature and corrosion applications, FKM sealing gasket resistant to max working temperatures up to 270°C, plus fastening clamps with arm rotating movement and locking in the 20° position or in the 45° position.
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Elesa are market leaders in the manufacturing of standard components, designing many high performing and specialist products for specific industries. Process Control falls into one of these many categories, where high grade control elements are vital for the reliable operation of processing plants. Typically, Elesa offer their stainless steel handwheels, visual flow indicators, rugged latch clamps and many other components vital to this industry sector.

The automatic and continuous nature of industrial processes such as chemical, food, pharmaceuticals, biotech, waste treatment, petrochemical and many others require the use of manual devices in especially high-grade materials. Stainless steel, chrome plated technopolymer and super technopolymer are just a few options available within the Elesa catalogue. 
These elements provide an essential link to direct personal control, for example, by operation of a handwheel such as their GN.227.2 series in AISI 304, available in sizes from 160mm dia., to 400mm dia., and with or without a revolving handle for quicker operation of valves etc. Likewise, MTC latch clamps which ensure tight closing of covers and have adjustable hook lengths to accommodate fitting requirements.
Elsewhere, for visual checks of fluid flows, Elesa HVF visual flow indicators present a rotating internal impeller within a borosilicate glass tubular window, and are effective in two-way flows at up to 100 degrees centigrade.
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Royal Highland 2020

Jun 17 2020

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Royal Highland 2020

Date: 17 June 2020 11:00 PM

Location: Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, Edinburgh, EH28 8NB

Flowfit are pleased to announce that we will be  exhibiting at the  Royal Highland Show 2020. Celebrating its 180th year, The Royal Highland Show is one of Scotland's most iconic events, showcasing the very best of farming food and rural life. A great day out for everyone of all ages, get up close to the country's top quality livestock, taste exceptional food & drink and experience rural living at its most vibrant. Visit our stand from the 18th to the 21st June 2020 !
We look forward to seeing you there! 
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The Elesa Ergostyle® range of standard components has been specifically designed with the modern office environment in mind, including adjustable handles like the ERX series for setting up desks, display stands, chairs, computer stands and more. Levelling feet, of course, find common usage in offices around the world, with or without non-slip pads to fit desks, stands, work tops, computer stands, printer stands etc. While the Elesa LMP range is invaluable in steel or stainless steel, with pivot bases to self-align on uneven floors, the LX range with technopolymer base does not require angular adjustment.
As market leading manufacturers to this global industry, Elesa conceived their Ergostyle® products to provide soft curved aesthetics and comfortable manual operation for office equipment. Form and function follow hand-in-hand so people of all ages and sizes are able to use equipment with ease, whatever their hand size or grip strength. This is an environment where ergonomics and design style are balanced to enhance workspace, and where Ergostyle® products achieve this.
The design and production of both offices themselves, and the equipment within them, develop slowly over time. These are places where fashion touches but good design persists – like Ergostyle®.
Other Ergostyle® components include handwheels and crank handles for library type storage units, knobs for desktop equipment, bridge handles for drawers and doors or carrying of instruments, inset handles for sliding doors and door locks for office cupboards.
Ergostyle® products are often notable by the inclusion of colour markers in one of seven specialist colours, which can be used to identify function or co-ordinate with the interior design of the building.

Further information regarding Elesa products may be found  here
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The designated High-Performing lines of standard components, from the global manufacturing group Elesa, are focused on the exceptional requirements of specific niche industries. In the case of these metal and visually detectable lines, they are designed to be especially easy to detect and remove in the unlikely event that fragments might be accidentally broken off or dislodged and thus fall into a food or pharmaceutical processor. Elesa metal and visually detectable components offer an additional line of defence and insurance against the potentially disastrous consequences of such an incident. Produced in the most advanced engineering plastics, they are developed in conjunction with selected suppliers and AISI 304 grade stainless steel, ensuring compliance with FDA regulations to help keep food-and-pharma products free of foreign matter (which may be inadvertently broken off from the processing equipment itself: e.g. by mechanical impact with mobile delivery systems).
These Metal detectable knobs, adjustable handles, bridge handles, cylindrical handles and hinges are manufactured in “green-blue” RAL 5001 material, suitable for contact with food (FDA CFR.21 and EU 10/2011), with a special additive which allows the detection of small pieces (down to 5mm) by means of a metal detector. This, coupled with their unusual colour for the environment, permits a two-stage detection. Where visual detection alone is employed in the production environment, Elesa offer “signal blue” RAL 5005, highly recognizable components in the same series.

The characteristics of these ranges contribute to increasing safety in food and pharmaceutical processes, consequently offering a high level of prevention against the risk of contamination of products for human consumption.
Further information regarding Elesa products may be found here.
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Elesa have recently revised their extensive range of high-quality industrial magnets for use in positioning and clamping applications across almost all industries, from mining to food processing and machining to farming. With high pull force and many shape options available in different alloys, these popular magnets are suitable for a variety of purposes which are frequently difficult to appreciate, as they are often located internal to the equipment where they are installed.
Design and production engineers will perhaps be familiar with the use of high strength magnets in actuation and in holding placement, e.g. on production lines to hold jigs in place, or temporary covers, doors or masks for industrial processes, with the advantage that they are very quick to place and to remove, so speeding up the overall manufacturing or processing cycle.  They have no need for catches or latches, screws or clips – they hold tight and can be manually or mechanically removed with ease, simply by arranging to release the magnetic contact.
Characterised by different shapes and overall dimensions, the Elesa range of magnets are high quality and highly versatile: from cylindrical retaining magnets, flat retaining magnets, horseshoe magnets to both shielded and unshielded magnets. High strength magnets are also available for lifting and pulling applications in standard executions of hard ferrite resistant to temperatures up to 200°C - (SmCo) Samarium cobalt magnet resistant to temperatures up to 200°C and (NdFeB) Neodymium-iron-boron magnet resistant to temperatures up to 80°C.
Further information regarding Elesa products may be found here.
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The Elesa ESD (electro-static discharge) range of standard components are especially attractive to the spraying and powder coating industry, by virtue of their lack of electro-static build-up, which ensures that they remain free of powder accumulation.
Since its inception in the 1960s, electro-static powder coating has become the pre-eminent and widely prefaced industrial coating system for the majority of protective situations. Elesa’s high-performing ESD bridge handles, fluted grip knobs, and levelling feet all provide an electro-static discharge function; ensuring they can be readily used for extended periods in an environment where dust/powder is present by definition, and could easily lead to equipment becoming unusable. ESD components simply side-step the problem, facilitating extended use.
Not only do Elesa manufacture their ESD range themselves, they make their own tooling and moulds, and have a continuous materials testing program with major suppliers. This ensures they are able to maintain the highest quality standards from concept to production and onward, through their own global stock/supply chain, supported by experienced in-country technical sales teams.
High-performing lines like these ESD products support specialist industries with online, telephone and personal onsite contact where needed.
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The modern lighting industry needs to deal with a huge range of mounting, adjustment and dismounting requirements which is where standard components manufacturer Elesa can provide ex-stock fixing elements.
Standard elements like these make installation and maintenance so much easier in all types of permanent or temporary commercial/industrial use. In applications such as theatres, concerts or roads, car parks and other trafficked areas, where swivelling and clamping are required to provide just the right lighting effect, it is important to provide ergonomic use in sometimes awkward circumstances. Typically, this would include stadiums, underground train systems, urban and public lighting and entertainment venues. This relates to all situations where UL94 VO certification is often a requirement.
Standard industrial components such as toothed clamping elements in tough nitride or sintered steel, provide heavy-duty angular adjustable mountings that are quick to install and adjust.
Likewise, GN 614 series spring plungers enable quick indexing, e.g. rotation of mountings with instant positioning, and are available with sprung ball or bolt actuation.
Elesa stainless steel ball lock pins like the GN 124.2, which are quickly positioned but lock in place for quick removal, serve a slightly more permanent role in assembly and adjustment of frames and mounts.

Further information regarding Elesa products may be found  here.
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Apr 21 2020

Press release


Date: 21 April 2020 11:00 PM

During the COVID-19 emergency, UK thermometer manufacturer TME is extending a helping hand to frontline services by offering a 40% discount on all its own TME products.
Businesses and organisations eligible for the 40% discount include the NHS, Care Providers, Food Manufacturers and other essential services.
Buyers can immediately access their COVID-19 40% discount code by visiting the company’s online shop at www.tmethermometers.com where they can purchase quickly and easily. Staff are also on hand on 01903 700651 sales@tmethermometers.com with help and advice.
MD, Tom Sensier: “TME remains operational during the COVID-19 Emergency, ready to supply temperature test equipment wherever needed - especially for food hygiene and water safety. We are discounting and prioritising orders from front line service providers and those who support them, and are protecting our staff and the NHS by homeworking wherever possible, and additional sanitising measures and staff distancing in the workplace.”
TM Electronics (TME) is British family business with over 25 years’ experience, manufacturing and supplying quality, high accuracy temperature test and monitoring equipment for all industries in the UK and abroad.

TME - When temperature matters

+44 (0)1903 700651
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Free Shipping for COVID-19 Related Orders

Apr 15 2020


Free Shipping for COVID-19 Related Orders

Date: 15 April 2020 11:00 PM

To support the fantastic work going on  to tackle COVID-19, Flowtechnology UK are offering free shipping on hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial products to site & locations involved in coronavirus related relief efforts including:
  • Sites manufacturing and  maintaining medical equipment
  • Laboratories conducting COVID-19 testing
  • Sites manufacturing and  maintaining PPE
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In our present Corona virus dominated social landscape, contact infection is our pre-eminent daily concern; with frequent handwashing recommended to break the onward transmission from touching handles and other equipment, therefore reducing new infections, and potentially saving lives. This very mainstream headline concern reflects the ever-present issue of hospital-acquired infections, which has recently been highlighted in a UK report, suggesting that up to 5,000 patients die each year, in England alone, from these hospital-acquired infections, with an estimated cost of £1 billion. Similar situations are reported elsewhere such as in New York.
Therefore, it is of global importance to focus on the hygiene of hand-operated equipment in medical/bio-chemical and laboratory environments, including disability aids, food processing and pharmaceutical, catering and public fittings. In these situations, Elesa offer an effective aid to hygiene, with their recently expanded high-performing SAN (sanitary) range of handles, knobs, levers, clamping handles and similar, produced with exactly this situation in mind. Their range expansion includes new cylindrical handles e.g. for operating handwheels, knurled grip knobs, adjustable clamping handles, wing nuts and solid hand knobs – all suitable for equipment operation or adjustment.
SAN products are proven to prevent the proliferation of microbes, bacteria and fungi on the product surface by controlled release of silver ions, thus providing a long-term anti-microbial action in critical environments.
Silver has long been recognized for its efficiency in this role by damaging microbial cell walls - and even now - recent research has revealed a mechanism whereby the silver ions have been shown to inhibit operation of microbial flagella.
The Elesa manufacturing team have managed to develop a sophisticated injection-moulding material with this silver inclusion, and with stainless steel inserts, suitable for use even in sterilization cycles up to 130°C. SAN line components are available in white or black with SAN logo laser engraved to clearly identify them.
Tests on material samples to ISO 22196:2011 show considerable effectiveness for four different types of bacteria and the more difficult to eliminate fungus: Escherichia Coli – 99.9%, Staphylococcus Aureus - 99.9%, Klebseilla Pneumoniae – 99.8%, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa – 99.9% and Candida Albicans – 98.9%.
Elesa focus on making their own tooling and moulds, also developing and testing materials with major suppliers. SAN lines are supported in the UK with stock and technical teams ensuring advise is always available.
Further information regarding Elesa SAN components may be found here.
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