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In our present Corona virus dominated social landscape, contact infection is our pre-eminent daily concern; with frequent handwashing recommended to break the onward transmission from touching handles and other equipment, therefore reducing new infections, and potentially saving lives. This very mainstream headline concern reflects the ever-present issue of hospital-acquired infections, which has recently been highlighted in a UK report, suggesting that up to 5,000 patients die each year, in England alone, from these hospital-acquired infections, with an estimated cost of £1 billion. Similar situations are reported elsewhere such as in New York.
Therefore, it is of global importance to focus on the hygiene of hand-operated equipment in medical/bio-chemical and laboratory environments, including disability aids, food processing and pharmaceutical, catering and public fittings. In these situations, Elesa offer an effective aid to hygiene, with their recently expanded high-performing SAN (sanitary) range of handles, knobs, levers, clamping handles and similar, produced with exactly this situation in mind. Their range expansion includes new cylindrical handles e.g. for operating handwheels, knurled grip knobs, adjustable clamping handles, wing nuts and solid hand knobs – all suitable for equipment operation or adjustment.
SAN products are proven to prevent the proliferation of microbes, bacteria and fungi on the product surface by controlled release of silver ions, thus providing a long-term anti-microbial action in critical environments.
Silver has long been recognized for its efficiency in this role by damaging microbial cell walls - and even now - recent research has revealed a mechanism whereby the silver ions have been shown to inhibit operation of microbial flagella.
The Elesa manufacturing team have managed to develop a sophisticated injection-moulding material with this silver inclusion, and with stainless steel inserts, suitable for use even in sterilization cycles up to 130°C. SAN line components are available in white or black with SAN logo laser engraved to clearly identify them.
Tests on material samples to ISO 22196:2011 show considerable effectiveness for four different types of bacteria and the more difficult to eliminate fungus: Escherichia Coli – 99.9%, Staphylococcus Aureus - 99.9%, Klebseilla Pneumoniae – 99.8%, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa – 99.9% and Candida Albicans – 98.9%.
Elesa focus on making their own tooling and moulds, also developing and testing materials with major suppliers. SAN lines are supported in the UK with stock and technical teams ensuring advise is always available.
Further information regarding Elesa SAN components may be found here.
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Coronavirus Statement Update

Mar 24 2020


Coronavirus Statement Update

Date: 24 March 2020 12:00 AM

We recognise that with the constantly changing COVID-19 situation around the world this is an unprecedented time for everyone, but rest assured that the whole team at Flowtechnology UK are continuously monitoring the developments of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the health and wellbeing of our colleagues, customers and their families is of utmost importance to us. Please read the following update on the current status of our operations:

Office and externally based staff
In light of this and even before yesterday’s announcement from the Government, we have spent the last couple of weeks working to ensure that all of our office and externally based staff are able to work remotely.

I am pleased to confirm that this has gone to plan and everyone except the warehouse team are now set up at home and are fully functional, with access to all of our systems, meaning that it is business as usual.
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Elesa standard components for Audio Visual Equipment

Mar 18 2020

Press release

Elesa standard components for Audio Visual Equipment

Date: 18 March 2020 12:00 PM

High quality cameras and projectors often consist of complex equipment that requires rugged longevity due to repetitive mounting and usage. Elesa are pleased to offer a selection of standard components to aid manufacturers of this equipment and their ancillary mounting systems.
In particular, clamping, indexing and levelling are core elements in the successful operation of AV equipment, which are directly addressed by the Elesa range.
Clamping operations are facilitated by their GN 300 series of adjustable handles, and those with torque amplifier distance bushing allow greater efficiency in obtaining required clamping force. They are most commonly found on brackets, tripods, lighting equipment, screens, baffles, blinds, shrouds and more.
The allied function of indexing is covered with the Elesa RDB series toothed clamping elements, which permit a simple fix, release and re-fix indexing adjustment at regular pre-determined intervals.
Levelling is the most familiar function in this sector and is greatly enabled by the Elesa BEL series of bull’s eye and bar style levels. This group of products are easily push-fit mounted or screwed onto mobile units to level shots or images.
Further information regarding Elesa products may be found here.
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New Expanded Catalogue and E-Commerce website from Elesa

Mar 5 2020

New service

New Expanded Catalogue and E-Commerce website from Elesa

Date: 05 March 2020 11:10 AM

As an international market-leader in the standard machine components arena, Elesa manufacture an ever-growing range of products. This year, Elesa have released a new and extensive catalogue, which features an expansion of over 5000 new product codes and updated product groups; extending from 15 to 18 for further clarity and differentiation. To compliment this development, comes added products across their ‘High Performing’ lines, centred niche requirements in the industry.
The new product groups consist of well renowned “ Industrial Magnets”, “ Vibration Damping Elements” and “ Toggle Clamps”, with the addition of many added products within the previous product groups.
The new E-Commerce facility at www.elesa.com now includes “My Elesa” where customers can register an account, forward quote requests, talk with an expert, save product sheets, save into a shopping basket, manage orders and link to their account for enquiries, quotes, discounts, special delivery information etc.
New products are constantly developed, brought to manufacture and added to the Elesa website on a regular basis, so the addition of E-Commerce and online payment means that customers have access to the newest products in the most convenient format.
The new Elesa catalogue can be requested free online at www.elesa.com/en/elesab2bstoreuk/catalog-request and by phone on 01526 322670.
Further information regarding Elesa products may be found at: www.elesa.com.
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