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EXANTE and Alexey Kirienko: the up and coming brokerage

Aug 6 2020


EXANTE and Alexey Kirienko: the up and coming brokerage

Date: 06 August 2020 12:07 PM

You must have read countless EXANTE broker reviews by the time you got to this one.

Having professionals trade for you could be a comfortable scenario, when you don’t have the time or the necessary knowledge to trade yourself. But what if you’re ready to take the fate of your money in your own hands, stop paying criminal amounts on commissions and maintenance? You’ll need to find a trustworthy broker to open a trading account.  EXANTE established by Alexey Kirienko is an example of a broker you can trust.

I’ll share basic information on this broker, as well as trading various instruments here.   


The company was founded in 2011 by Alexey Kirienko, Gatis Eglitis, and Anatoliy Knyazev. Currently the company has over 11 offices from London to Hong Kong. 

The broker provides an opportunity for companies, institutions and individuals to make money trading on the stock market. EXANTE is regulated by the European law and licensed by the UK, Malta, Cyprus and Hong Kong. Customer support is accessible 24/7 by phone, email or via live chat and has an average “problem solved” time of under 3 mins. 

You have to know the basics

In order to make money as a trader you have to know the basics in order to open and close positions at the beneficial times. 
You make money on the price difference: buy low, sell higher. However, no one is insured from losing money if the market moves in an unfavorable direction. Trading on the stock market is not gambling for professionals.When you’re planning to buy or sell a security you have to apply a good deal of time for analysis in order to make the trade in a profitable way. 

Struggling with analysis as a newbie is a normal thing, but it is also something one can cope with easily. Pick a market, industry and type of securities that interest you. Then learn everything you can about it. Only then decide if it’s the right time to enter the market and maybe then switch your attention to the next sector.

Financial markets have a lot in common, so once you obtain the basic financial knowledge it will apply all over the place. 
Never stop learning, keep on attending webinars, seminars, read articles and sign up for classes. You should also study fundamental analysis as well as technical analysis.

Then practice, practice, practice! A demo account would work perfectly for these purposes. Evaluate your results and better your strategies without spending a dime. 

Demo account at EXANTE

When you open a demo trading account with the brokerage you’ll be able to put your newly gained knowledge into practice as well as learn some new things about yourself. 

Opening one with EXANTE brokerage company founded by Kirienko is as easy as registering on the website. 
Don’t rush to trading with real money. Practice on the demo account, so you can gain basic trading skills. Exante is a brokerage for serious investors, who already mastered the basics.

EXANTE original trident platform made by traders for traders

It’s not easy to learn a pro trading platform if you never traded before. Don’t rush, you’ll get there! Use the materials provided by the brokerage to maximize your knowledge!

The platform manuals slightly differ for different versions of the terminal (web, mobile, desktop), however you can find all information on the broker’s official website!

Don’t hesitate to ask!

As a beginner you may find yourself in a situation when you’re not sure about something. Use the FAQ and ask Support to find the solution! It’s as easy as writing an email or making a phone call!
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How to choose a reliable AC copper pipe supplier

Apr 29 2020

New product

How to choose a reliable AC copper pipe supplier

Date: 29 April 2020 8:39 AM

The hot climate of the UAE makes air conditioner installation one of the most sought-after services. Therefore, companies engaged in this business tend to establish a strong partnership with an AC copper pipe supplier. Thus, it is very important to find a reliable one for an HVAC business to succeed.
With Al Farid Wood and Metal Trading Company, we will discuss here a few crucial details to pay attention to when seeking an air conditioner copper pipe supplier.
Product quality and it's proof
Of course, first of all, you need to consider the quality of copper pipes they supply. To be specific, that is not the question to take just the word. Ask your candidate-for-supplier for a more trustworthy proves.
First, they should provide you with information about whether copper pipes they offer for sale are ISO certified and tested. Second, it’s a good practice to provide you an opportunity to test quality yourself. For example, you plan to buy AC copper pipe, size½, one of the most in-demand pipe types. Ask the supplier to arrange quality testing of their product sample. At our company, we always glad to provide such an opportunity at customers’ requests.
Product availability
The second key aspect here is a supplier’s ability to cover your needs in ac pipe. Simply put, little good does ensuring high product quality to you if you order and pay it just to discover later the copper tube you need is already out of stock.
Thus, it is very good when they keep the information about their product availability fully transparent and update product availability on time.
For example, at Al Farid Wood and Metal Trading Company, we always mark with a label “in stock” only the goods we really can supply and update this labeling on an on-going basis.
What about the price?
To tell the truth, there is the third aspect to consider when choosing a supplier, a product price. However, the best practice here is very obvious and common as it directly touches your bottom line.
To put it short, follow a simple rule when it comes to a price token. Don’t let the low price fool you to sacrifice quality but always compare these two facets and choose the golden mean.
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Ukrainian Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics have recently started mass production of test systems for diagnostics of coronavirus 2019-nCoV (COVID-19).

Tests were developed by the Insitute in March 2020, they generate the results in 2 hours and much more cheaper than their foreign alalogues.

First 600 thousand tests have been already delivered to medical centres all over Ukraine.

Ukraine become the 5th cuntry in the world who started production of coronavirus tests of their own development.

The website of Ukrainian Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics: http://www.imbg.org.ua/en/
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Mar 31 2020



Date: 31 March 2020 8:54 AM

Because of the rapid globalization, many people need to be able to transfer money internationally or at least across certain regions.

Because of the rapid globalization, many people need to be able to transfer money internationally or at least across certain regions. There are usually plenty of solutions for money transactions within a country. Everyone uses such transfers for purchasing products and services online or sending money to other people. However, more global financial transactions require special solutions. For this purpose, SEPA/SWIFT wire transfers are commonly used.

Both payment methods are strictly regulated and protected to ensure maximum safety of financial transactions. Thanks to encryption and official certifications, these systems are highly secure ways of transferring money both cross-border and internationally. However, there are some differences that might determine whether SEPA or SWIFT is more convenient in a particular case.

The Main Differences between SEPA and SWIFT Payment Methods

To get a better understanding of each method, it is essential to look at their meaning. SWIFT means “Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication,” whereas the SEPA abbreviation stands for “Single Europe Payments Area”.
Immediately, it becomes clear that SWIFT is a global initiative while SEPA operates only within Europe. To be precise, 36 European states take part in this program.

The main goal of SWIFT is to provide fast and secure money transfers for people all around the world. The safety measures involved in SWIFT transactions ensure complete privacy and reliability.

Since the majority of European countries use euros as their official currency, SEPA was created to facilitate cross-border financial operations. The idea is to make such money transfers as convenient as if you were making a transaction within your own country.

SWIFT is a perfect solution for international transactions since it allows making transfers in any currency available worldwide. SEPA is suitable for money transactions in euros exclusively. If you live in Europe and only use euros for wire transfers, SEPA might be a more convenient choice for you.
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Link building: it's high time to launch it!

Mar 25 2020

New service

Link building: it's high time to launch it!

Date: 25 March 2020 1:40 PM

We accept guests articles in English for publishing on ua.kompass.com/en and www.kompass.ua.

The articles and links go live for ever.
The word number is up to 2500 symbols, +three images, +2 dofollow links.
The articles are indexed by Google.
The articles are not marked as sponsored ones.

One dofollow link in an already published articles costs 10 eur.
The publishing cost of a brand new article is 40 eur

You can see some examples here:

6 Reasons to Use VPN on a Daily Basis

All events from our premium clients
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6 Reasons to Use VPN on a Daily Basis

Mar 18 2020

New service

6 Reasons to Use VPN on a Daily Basis

Date: 18 March 2020 10:51 AM

Virtual private networks have been used to ensure online privacy for years now. They guarantee such a level of confidentiality for computers and Internet users that you simply cannot get anywhere else. Do you still think VPNs are used only for privacy? This is not entirely true. Discover six reasons for connecting to a VPN that you might have never even suspected.

1.  Watch YouTube, Netflix, and Other Media Resources

Data transfer speed is very important for users, and Internet providers often slow it down. There are even websites that measure the speed index of different web providers.

If you want to know how to watch Netflix via a VPN, you can find guides that will help you through the process of activating and installing a necessary program. 

2.  Play Online Games Without Fear of Speed Reduction From Your Provider

YouTube and Netflix are not the only websites that suffer from the actions of Internet service providers. Online games in streaming video mode, especially if you are not on an unlimited tariff plan, also require high speeds. Using a VPN will not allow your provider to intervene and slow down the speed of the game.

3.  Avoid Eavesdropping

No one wants their private information to get out. If you use your home network or work in the office, eavesdropping is not a problem. However, if you access the Internet from public places such as an airport, hotel or cafe, then trouble may arise. Such connections are not encrypted and are not protected by your personal password. It makes personal information easily accessible for attackers whose purpose is to penetrate your privacy. Using a VPN, you will protect your personal account from hacking.

4.  Free to Watch Television of Other Countries in Streaming Mode

The Internet makes it possible to watch almost all television channels in the world. This means that you can watch original programs from ABC, Discovery Channel, and BBC on your computer, and, in most cases, absolutely free. However, the viewer must be in a country where the TV channel is located. That is why you need to familiarize yourself with vpn-review.com that will make it possible to choose the right option and watch all the channels in the world.

5.  Securely Connect to Any Wi-fi Network

Wi-Fi connections are very vulnerable. They can be hacked at any time. Attackers who try to gain access to your computer or device always exploit weaknesses in IT security. Remember that you can always safely connect to any Wi-Fi using a VPN.

6.  Unlock Social Networks

When it comes to censorship and blocking, social networks suffer the most. For example, one of the countries that block social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is Algeria. Other countries such as China, Iran, North Korea, and Syria regularly block social sites to prevent access to the free flow of information. Using a VPN will help you get around these blocks and will be useful in any country where social networking websites are prohibited.
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Ukraine: export/import database 2020

Dec 13 2019

Export & Import

Ukraine: export/import database 2020

Date: 13 December 2019 3:21 PM

Location: Ukraine

Please be informed of the UA company database progress on www.kompass.com :

- UKRAINE - 383 000 companies listed (incl. 10 000 exporters and importers)

You may order a separate Excel file of 11 000 Ukrainian exporters and importers for 3500 UAH/150 EUR.
Free demo
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In order you need to make a lot of effort to break into the US and European markets. Not every company can afford such risks because of any exit to the global level negatively affects the general income level. Often, corporations become bankrupt when a foreign country eats them. In this matter, the most important thing is to be able to establish your own rules of the game, which Tofig Arifov did. Tevfik Arif is the founder of the iconic Bayrock Group. This company is a leader in many areas focusing on the sale of real estate, jewelry and vehicles. Recently it began to work on the production of minerals. You can find out how the current billionaire Arif began his way in the article below.

How did Tevfik Arif’s Corporation begin?

Bayrock Group has never been able to boast a quick start. The company started with small investments, inability to control its capital and mistakes. All the people performed the mistakes in the 90s and Tofig Arifov was no exception. Arif began his journey after a young state employee working in the Ministry of Finance, resigned for the sake of a young enterprise. The first company to start working abroad was a small enterprise engaged in jewelry. Tevfik Arif founded it in 1987, when he worked in the Ministry. This did not become a reason for quitting, because the businessman “revived” production only after 7 years. Soon, Arif entrenched in Turkey and did it quite seriously. His jewelry is now sold worldwide. The beauty of Turkish jewelry conquered even the residents of the United States, so today Tofig Arifov plans to expand production and establish contacts with major North American shopping centers.

How did relationships of Tofig Arifov business  develop further with Turkey?

Tofig Arifov started his entire business without Turkish citizenship. Later he had to change it. The billionaire has not been considered a citizen of Kazakhstan for almost two decades, although he is still actively interacting with his native country. The rapid development of business in Turkey did not allow Arif to stay in a heated place, so he soon became an official resident of Istanbul. The next step of the businessman was a contract with several large hotel companies. Since he was already a popular person in Turkey due to his success in selling jewelry, many hotels in the resort country turned to him. Now he is co-founder of one of the largest hotel chains. In addition, Tofig Arifov lives in Turkey regularly. Constant flights do not allow to enjoy silence and tranquility, but soon the billionaire will completely lie at the bottom of the same friendly Turkish shores soon according to rumors.
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Target the Ukrainian companies!

Feb 21 2019

New service

Target the Ukrainian companies!

Date: 21 February 2019 10:00 PM

Want to identify and target some Ukrainian companies?

EasyList is a simple, effective solution you can use to create a customised list of prospects from the Kompass database with more than 385,000 Ukrainian companies listed online.

Ideal for one-off direct marketing and e-mailing campaigns, our highly qualified information will let you launch your lead generation in one touch and one click.

Create your prospect list!
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