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The Korea Bio-Material Packaging Association (KOPLAS 2011) participated in the 21st International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition (KOPLAS 2011) held at KINTEX in Goyang from September 28 (Wednesday) to October 1 (Saturday) and organized the "Environmental Theme Hall" for eight companies of its member companies as an independent booth.

Under the theme of "Current Status and Challenges of Carbon-reducing Bio-Plastic Products," the eco-friendly theme hall was attended by eight companies from the association's member companies in charge of all production lines from bio materials to applications. The eight companies are Nego Pack, Dasan, SK Chemical, Eduation I Corporation, AM, AU, Changhua Industries, and KonfraTech.

A-Bing News discussed biomass and biomass plastics (biomass plastics, biodegradable plastics) with Yoo Young-sun, president of the association.

Meanwhile, KOPLAS 2011 (www.koplas.com), co-hosted by Korea & X and the Korea Synthetic Resin Machinery Industry Cooperative, was held at the same time as the first Korea Industrial Competition, and under the theme of "Smart World Opening to Plastics," various applications ranging from next-generation plastic technologies such as eco-friendly new materials to processing machines, automated solutions, molds, printing, IT, automotive, medical devices, and construction were exhibited.

Source : Global News Network 'AVING'
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