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New non-welded piping system at Serman & Tipsmark

May 29 2018


New non-welded piping system at Serman & Tipsmark

Date: 29 May 2018 9:59 PM

At Serman & Tipsmark, we strive to provide the best service and the best systems for our customers. For us, that means high-quality work with the best components on the market. That is – among other things – why we collaborate with the global engineering company Parker Hannifin.

Parker has developed a non-welded flanged tube and piping system – Parflange F37. We use this pipe system in our productions. It makes it both more efficient and more secure to transfer pressure-carried fluids. We use the piping system for e.g. industrial, offshore and marine applications – it’s ideal for our high-pressure applications.

The F37 piping system has high mechanical stability and great sealing characteristics. The non-welded piping system ensures leak-free and fast assembly because we save time on welding. This means that we can supply our customers with our systems even faster.     

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2018 International Electric Power Exhibition

May 29 2018

Participate in an event

2018 International Electric Power Exhibition

Date: 29 May 2018 3:00 PM

Location: Coex Hall B, Seoul

1. Exhibition Name: 2018 International Electric Power Exhibition
2. Period of the event: May 30 (Wed) to June 1, 2018 (Fri), 3 days
3. Location: Coex Hall B  
4. Host: Korea Institute of Electrical Engineers
5. Our booth: B Hall B131

We would like to promote our new products and brands by participating in this exhibition.
Thank you.
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May 23 2018

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Date: 23 May 2018 3:00 PM

Location: Homeinns Plus-Hongqiao International Convention Center

We attend CHINA SPORTS SHOW as exhibitor from 2017 every year. We attracted from many of attendee and many of exhibitors. Many of Chinese Techinician requested MPSET (foot pedal and arm pedal), however we could not provide them in order to prevent copy from them. They still continuously asked us for samples of MPSET till recent. 
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ISO-Chemie’s ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 3” IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM was recognised as a „CERTIFIED COMPONENT” by the „Passivhaus Institut Dr. Feist Darmstadt”. This means that it is now approved for the installation of window elements in front of the wall in passive energy houses. The official presentation took place on the ISO-Chemie stand at Fensterbau Frontale.
As an independent body, the Passivhaus Institut tests and certifies products with respect to their suitability for use in passive energy houses. Products that bear the „Certified component” quality seal from the Passivhaus Institut have been tested against standardised criteria, have comparable characteristic values and offer excellent thermal quality.
Impressive energy efficiency
To achieve certification as a Passivhaus component in the window connection category, the in front of wall installation system (which has been approved and comprehensively tested by ift Rosenheim) was tested against various comfort criteria and classified as Passivhaus efficiency class phB. This demonstrated that the special material characteristics of the IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 3” not only fulfils stringent static loading requirements, but also offers outstanding energy efficiency values.
Excellent thermal conductivity properties and optimum PSI values
ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 3” consists of load-bearing, thermally-insulating system profiles made from high-density THERMAPOR. They are perfect for installing window systems directly in front of the supporting wall. The excellent thermal conductivity properties of the moulded parts ensure that they integrate perfectly into the thermal insulation composite system and offer optimum PSI values. This enables thermal bridges to be optimised and excellent insulation values to be achieved in the window reveal. This in turn prevents the risk of mould developing in the connection area around the window opening.
Load-bearing capacity and load transfer in one
The very high material density (150 kg/m³) and excellent properties in terms of supported load and thermal insulation make the system profile perfect for installing in front of the wall in both single and multiple occupancy buildings and in commercial construction. The high density not only creates very good load-bearing capacity for absorbing the weight of the windows; the material is also sufficiently stable to safely dissipate all other loads into the masonry. For additional stabilisation, the system profiles can be reinforced with aluminium bearing angles if particularly large elements are installed, very high casement loads occur or there are other supplementary requirements in terms of stress analysis or fixing.
Professional in front of wall installation with certified products
Three products from ISO-Chemie’s ISO³-WINDOW SEALING SYSTEM are now recognised as „CERTIFIED COMPONENTS” by the Passivhaus Institut. The ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 1” IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM and the ISO-BLOCO ONE multi-purpose joint sealing tape have also received coveted Passivhaus certification due to their outstanding energy values.
With its certificates for Passivhaus components, the Passivhaus Institut also increases the visibility of the products’ tested thermal characteristics. These characteristic values play a significant role in ensuring that a building subsequently achieves the energy savings that were forecast using an appropriate energy balance software package, such as the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP). This is a reliable design aid for architects and a quality assurance tool for project owners. The use of Passivhaus-certified components from ISO-Chemie makes building planning easier and significantly contributes to ensuring that a passive energy house functions perfectly in the long-term.
You will find more information about the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER „TYPE 3” IN FRONT OF WALL INSTALLATION SYSTEM at: www.iso-chemie.en/winframertyp3
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