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The Elesa stand at this year’s Advanced Engineering Exhibition focuses on specialist equipment and design considerations. These include their new wireless position indicators and hygienic design levelling feet, as well as their ELECOLORS* program for matching components to customer colour schemes.
The new Elesa DD52R-E-RF is a wireless spindle positioning system, designed for an efficient manual spindle positioning, consists of UC-RF control unit and, up to 36 electronic position indicators DD52R-E-RF (Elesa Patent).
Most often, machine setup is performed manually by means of traditional mechanical indicators coupled with handwheels or crank handles, following a specific list of set-up parameters.
The new electronic position indicators DD52R-E-RF are networked to UCRF control unit via radio frequency (RF). This system is particularly suitable for applications that require frequent format changes, facilitating the correct adjustment of the target/current position of the machine parts, also representing a safety system. PLC control does not allow the machine to start the production cycle, thus avoiding production issues.
The new levelling feet series Hygienic Design (LM-HD-SST, LM.F-HDSST) including screws and nuts (NTHD-SST) are suitable for environments where a high degree of hygiene management is required and they are certified 3-A by Sanitary Standard, Inc. that promotes food safety and public health.
Furthermore, the execution with holes for ground mounting is certified according to the EHEDG guidelines (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group).
Among its over 40,000 product codes available in stock, Elesa offers an extensive selection of standard components, in the ELECOLORS* chromatic range: orange, grey, yellow, blue, red and black.
Livelier colours than the traditional grey and green "Reseda", typical of the mechanical industries of the past, these are now accepted and requested by a growing number of sectors. The reasons behind this new market requirement come from an aesthetics renewal process of machine tools and equipment that has transformed the design and requirements (not only technical) of the components.
Further information regarding Elesa products may be found at: www.elesa.com or follow them on twitter: www.twitter.com/ElesaUK.
*Trademark application
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Sixth Anniversary Celebration of the Electricfor Headquarters Opening in Bangalore

Oct 30 2018

Celebración aniversario

Sixth Anniversary Celebration of the Electricfor Headquarters Opening in Bangalore

Date: 30 October 2018 11:00 PM

Recently,  Electricfor's headquarters in Bangalore (India) celebrated its  sixth opening anniversary in the purest Hindu style, with the so-called Puja - a prayer ritual primarily aimed at showing devotional worship to one or more deities or the celebration of an event spiritually.

To this end, and as tradition states, our colleagues in Bangalore  offered light, flowers, water and food to their principal deity to thank those six years of Electricfor in India. 

The fact is that  Electricfor Heating Systems India has been able to consolidate itself with a  complete catalogue of electrical heating elements and heating equipment in the local Indian market. Thus, and during this period, it has successfully supplied the main Indian business sectors such as engineering, industrial machinery, hydraulics and renewable energies, among others.

Likewise, and thanks to its vast national network of sales and services, which also has extensive logistical support, it has been involved in large projects, contributing with the added experience of Electricfor's Spanish headquarters in the design, installation, start-up and maintenance of its products. 

We wish them many more successful years!
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Oct 30 2018

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Date: 30 October 2018 3:00 PM

We displayed 3 products with our partner in Taiwan. However we still could not reach Taiwan visitors' requested price. So we still discuss with our partner to down the cost as much as they can. 
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The results will impress every injection molder

Oct 29 2018

Press release

The results will impress every injection molder

Date: 29 October 2018 10:59 PM

hotset presents its innovative tool temperature control system at the Fakuma
With its Z-System for the partial and cyclical temperature control of cavities, the thermodynamics specialist hotset is currently delighting tool manufacturers, injection molders and designers in very different branches. Wherever the realization of high-quality surfaces or thin-walled microstructures are of paramount importance, this high-speed solution from Lüdenscheid opens up completely new perspectives. At the Fakuma in Friedrichshafen, the company is providing information in Hall B3 on the practical application of its Z-System during the injection molding of molded parts for the consumer industry and automotive construction.

Above all for injection molders and tool manufacturers who have not up until now found satisfaction in the possibilities offered by the variotherm temperature control systems used so far, a visit to trade fair booth 3005 in Hall B3 at this year’s Fakuma could be very much worth their while. Here, hotset is once again presenting its future-orientated Z-System for the targeted partial and cyclical temperature control of injection molding tools. Since its initial launch in autumn 2016, many users have decided for the application of this high-speed solution, and have in this way substantially improved the surface quality of their products. Even acknowledged branch experts such as Professor Paul Thienel have been enthused by the performance capacity of this further development on previous tool temperature control systems. “The results will impress every injection molder”, says the former founder and Managing Director of the Kunststoff-Institut (Plastics Institute) Lüdenscheid, who is of the opinion that above all “high-quality molded parts with excellent surfaces and without weld lines and dullness can be achieved, such as those desired in automotive construction, in lighting technology or in the consumer industry”. Thienel views the fact that the Z-System can be used to “realize particularly thin walls, therefore opening up new perspectives for the manufacture of microstructures and miniature components” as a further advantage.

Highly dynamic temperature control
At the Fakuma, hotset will present to trade fair visitors its Z-System as an individually customer-tailored and ready-to-install complete solution, including the control technology especially adapted for the purpose. The cavities of the molding tools are thus selectively heated and cooled, or heated and cooled in sections, whereby above all one thermodynamic value makes prospective clients prick up their ears: the heating rate of 60 Kelvin per second measured on the tool wall. Andreas Filler, who as the hotset Project Manager always plays a leading role in the customer-specific design of the Z-System, explains: “This exceptional performance parameter makes it clear that our system is a highly dynamic, high-speed solution which is able to realize very rapid temperature changes in very short cycles”.
Over and above this heating rate of 60 K/s (on cavity surfaces), the Z-System by hotset is characterized by two further efficiency advantages. Firstly, the partial temperature control of small masses is made possible using only minor heat quantities, whereby the thermal insulation takes place within the tool. Secondly, the heating performance is not only aligned precisely to the shape of the component due to the highly accurate parameterization, but also to the specific conditions of the production procedure. Seen overall, the Z-System is not only able to run on very low energy requirements, but in ideal cases even makes it possible to reduce the basic temperature of the tool. In practice, a rise in productivity results through the implementation of faster injection molding cycles.

Specific to the respective tool, and individual
Hotset always designs the Z-System individually, and supplies it as a ready-to-install solution for the respective tool. It is comprised of several hardware and software components and is – similar to a hot runner system – inserted into the tool. Andreas Filler explains: “We accompany the customers from system integration via commissioning, right up to user training. This service is part of our product and ensures that everything runs smoothly from the start. On starting the system, the operator just has to follow the menu items on the Z-System touchscreen”.   
With the Z-System, hotset offers injection molding tool manufacturers a future-oriented temperature control solution through which they can reliably avoid the typical surface defects on components (weld lines, dullness) and also realize very thin walls (partial thin-walled injection molding). In addition, several of the Z-System projects implemented so far have revealed that its use also substantially improves the flow of the casting compound in construction-related “bottle-neck” areas. Visitors to the hotset trade fair booth in Hall B3 (Booth 3005) at the Fakuma can also find out why this innovation from Lüdenscheid is able to support smaller and smaller batch sizes.
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Homogeneous temperatures from a heating plate

Oct 29 2018

Press release

Homogeneous temperatures from a heating plate

Date: 29 October 2018 10:59 PM

The P-System by Hotset realizes individual surface heating plates for film technology
The issue of precise temperature control plays a central role in many film technology procedures. A particularly challenging part of the process is to generate even and homogeneous temperature fields over larger areas. This is important for example when thermoforming food packaging, processing shrink and stretch films or when welding films. The thermodynamics specialist hotset is now offering an ideal solution for this task with its new P-System heating plates.

The manufacturer hotset realizes project and customer-tailored design surface heater plates for thermal process flows concerning the handling and processing of plastic films for packaging technology. These complete solutions, designated P-Systems, are always optimally adapted in their design and configuration to the individual requirements of the machine and system manufacturers in the various areas of film and packaging technology. “The deep drawing of blister packaging or plastic trays, for example, places different requirements on the thermodynamics of heating plates than the welding of tubular bag films – using our P-System, we are able to react flexibly to any surface temperature control situation”, explains the CEO of hotset, Ralf Schwarzkopf. The decisive factor here is that the P-System surface heating plates offer an unusually precise and even temperature control which leads to exceptionally convergent and homogeneous temperature distribution across the surfaces of packaging films. This is what makes surface heating plates by hotset stand out from other, conventional plates. For the user – for example on a blister packaging machine – this means a higher level of process reliability; also for all downstream handling and processing steps for film temperature control. “The advantages become particularly apparent during thermoforming, during hot pressing or when welding and sealing films”, explains Ralf Schwarzkopf.

Lighter, thinner, safer
During the procedure referred to here by the hotset CEO, the homogeneous temperature distribution of the P-System surface heating plate results in extremely even film wall thicknesses, which reduce the weight differences on the end product to a minimum. In addition – for example during deep drawing – thinner films can be used which saves resources, and unattractive striations on packaging materials can also be avoided. A further advantage during the handling and processing of complex composite films is that the use of an appropriate P-System heating plate will prevent any damage to sensitive function layers.  
The advantages of the P-System surface heating plates for process reliability and the high quality of new products can also be estimated in specific figures. Practice-based measurement series all reached the same conclusion: the temperature values on film heated by hotset surface heating plates fluctuated minimally across the entire temperature control area. Characteristic for the system were punctate deviations on the film of two degrees Celsius at most! In contrast, the surface temperature differences on conventional standard heating plates extended up to 15 °C. The P-System is the perfect solution for all device and system manufacturers for whom precise and homogeneous surface heating represents a decisive process step in their technical process (for example in vacuum machines or in film welding equipment).
Maximum individualization
The customer-specific design of the P-System surface heating plates by hotset extends to almost all its components. From the design of the heat transfer plate – which later contacts the film web more or less directly during the process – via the selection of the heating element (hotflex® tubular heating elements, hotform® silicone mat and much more) and the insulation plate, or the question of whether an additional installation space plate is required – all design levels of a P-System solution are aligned to customer-specific application cases. The design of the top cover plates with their plug-in contacts and fastening elements for installation into customer systems is also tailored individually to suit. Furthermore, sensors can be integrated to protect against excessively high temperatures, and hotset even displays great flexibility regarding the plate coating: functional surfaces with antistatic, non-stick and aseptic properties can be realized as well as coating offering increased wear, abrasion and corrosion protection. “Within the scope of our P-System, we can also structure and mold the surfaces of our customer-tailored surface heating plates. In addition, we are able to take special requirements on sliding, surface hardness, chemical resistance, electrical conductivity and easy cleaning properties into account”, adds the CEO of hotset, Ralf Schwarzkopf.
The connection voltages of the P-System surface heating plates range from 12 to 400 V and the performance density up to 15 W/cm2. Hotset provides each heating plate as a plug-in and ready-to-install unit, and also aligns the control and connection technology as well as the mounting technology to customer specifications.  
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2 - Komponenten Hochleistungsteile

Oct 28 2018

New product

2 - Komponenten Hochleistungsteile

Date: 28 October 2018 8:50 PM

2K Housing
Electrical components are exposed to enormous stress from weathering and vibrations in automobiles and must be protected accordingly. Housings with seals integrated in the cover in a 2K design serve a greater purpose than just static sealing. They also reduce dynamic stresses and are situated to provide tolerance compensation, even during large temperature fluctuations.
A component with a permanent injection-molded seal is more suitable for automatic final assembly, therefore yielding additional efficiency potential.

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Medical Park will change the world market with 3D automatic breast ultrasound system

Oct 27 2018

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Medical Park will change the world market with 3D automatic breast ultrasound system

Date: 27 October 2018 3:00 PM

Heebookng Park, the president of Medical Park, said, "We will change the world market for breast screening equipment with 3D ultrasound equipment that is more accurate than x-rays."
Park, a graduate of Yonsei University College of Medicine, has been a professor of surgery at Ajou University since 1994. In 2004, he established a breast and thyroid specialist clinic in Suwon city and a company as well. Since 2006, he started to develop 3D automatic breast ultrasound system.
3D breast ultrasound device has both the advantages of x-ray mammography and automatic breast ultrasound. The examination time is shorter, and ultrasound images can be compared with x-ray images, so that the accuracy of breast cancer diagnosis can be improved. Once you take a picture, you will get 600 pictures. Artificial intelligence (AI) will also be used to screen pictures and diagnose breast cancer.
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The Elesa range of standard hydraulic components enable equipment manufacturers to readily complete their production cycle to the highest quality and with efficiency, at competitive price points.
Ex-stock HCX column level indicators and HGFT screw-in window level indicators provide simple solutions to monitoring of oil and other fluids including oil additives and chemicals.
In addition, for ease of maintenance and operation, Elesa can now provide labels for their aluminium oil plugs with graphic symbols such as “Fill” or “Drain”.
Further information regarding accessories for hydraulic systems from Elesa may be found at: www.elesa.com/en/elesab2bstoreuk/catalogo-cat-166-sales/accessories-for-hydraulic-systems--1 or follow them on twitter: www.twitter.com/ElesaUK.
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The first Mars helicopter will fly with maxon’s DC motors

Oct 25 2018


The first Mars helicopter will fly with maxon’s DC motors

Date: 25 October 2018 7:00 AM

NASA is again working with maxon motor.
Two years from now, the US space agency NASA will send a new rover to the Red Planet. Included: a small helicopter, which will take the first aerial photos of Mars. The rotors will be controlled by robust DC motors from Switzerland.

The US space agency NASA has announced that their Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) will be sending a helicopter to the Red Planet on the upcoming Mars 2020 rover mission. It will land on Mars whilst attached to the bottom of the rover in February 2021. During the first 30 days of the mission it will undertake several autonomous flights, each lasting up to 90 seconds. We will receive inflight images of Mars back on Earth for the first time! The Mars helicopter technology will lay the way for many future scientific and exploratory missions to Mars. Similar robots could serve as flying eyes for future rovers, exploring the surroundings and finding the best route for the rover... read more
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DSI Freezing & Handling - Gazelle 2018

Oct 22 2018

Press release

DSI Freezing & Handling - Gazelle 2018

Date: 22 October 2018 9:59 PM

DSI HANDLING WINS A GAZELLE Chosen by the Danish business magazine "Børsen", DSI Handling is named one of the Gazelle winners for 2018. "A gazelle grows continuously and, as a minimum, doubles its revenue or gross profit over four fiscal years". Our development and growth is primarily driven by our fantastic team of employees and today we are a very proud DSI team!
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Welcome to Fakuma!

Oct 16 2018

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Welcome to Fakuma!

Date: 16 October 2018 9:59 PM

Location: Friedrichshafen, Germany

More than 1800 exhibitors will present their international offerings on the world’s leading technical event for industrial plastics processing. Fakuma will take place in Friedrichshafen Exhibition Centre from 16 to 20 October 2018.
Attention will be focused on the latest technologies which promise highly advantageous benefits, as well as processes and tools for efficient plastics processing by means of injection moulding, extrusion, thermoforming and 3D printing.
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Courage for a highly dynamic drive for precise positioning
20 years success story of direct drives for high-precision positioning systems.

Linear and rotary direct drives offer significant advantages in the operation of demanding positioning systems. They deliver high speeds and acceleration values. In addition, they are low-maintenance, provide very long service lives and have the best characteristics for synchronisation and positioning accuracy. Nevertheless, there are still reservations in mechanical engineering. A possible extra effort in the control system commissioning of the axes frightens some designers. However, Föhrenbach’s more than 20 years of experience in the use of direct drives in high-precision positioning systems is clear: The deployment is worthwhile in a sustainable manner, and commissioning is easier than expected thanks to good cooperation between the machine manufacturer and the positioning system experts.
The technical properties of linear motors and the design features of directly driven positioning axes lead to numerous positive properties that predestine the corresponding positioning systems for particularly demanding applications. What are these properties?
Low-maintenance machine design for maximum productivity
Direct drives eliminate many mechanical components such as gears, pinions, racks, spindles, timing belts and chains. The slim design of the mechanism significantly reduces wear, resulting in longer system life. Machine operators benefit from reduced maintenance and increased machine availability. And thanks to their complete integration into the machine, linear motor axes offer particularly high reliability even under harsh operating conditions. At high cycle speeds, energy savings of up to 70% compared to spindle drives are possible.
Economically, these advantages are particularly relevant in applications where above-average productivity is required and a machine downtime causes high costs. The high acceleration and traversing speed also ensure fast processing times. Optimized high-volume production is therefore reliably and economically supported by a machine solution with direct-drive positioning axes.
Of course, a direct drive is not a miracle component of the machine design. It can only develop its robust technical characteristics if the entire positioning system is first of all designed coherently, secondly it has been dimensioned to suit the application, and thirdly, the highest precision in the mechanical machining of the axes systems is guaranteed.

Quality due to excellent positioning accuracy and synchronous properties
The elimination of the above-mentioned mechanical elements also has a positive effect on the precision of the positioning. It eliminates the typical inaccuracies due to gear play, toothed belt strain, wave torsion, resonance or hysteresis. Given the careful mechanical processing of the linear axes, it is ultimately the measuring system for directly driven linear axes that determines the accuracy of the overall application.
Therefore, in conjunction with a high-resolution measuring system, there are very good synchronization properties, even at low travel speeds. Also, positioning and repeat accuracy are improved over traditional mechanical transmission systems. And thanks to the optimum ratio of torque or force to intrinsic inertia or power to weight, direct-drive positioning systems are characterized by particularly high dynamics. The high rigidity of the mechanical system allows a higher gain of the control circuits.
The quality of the axles sets standards
Especially in terms of accuracy, however, the overall system is only as good as its weakest component. In conjunction with the potentially very high precision of the direct-drive and a finely resolved measuring system, the quality of the mechanical machining of the axes ultimately determines the performance of the application.
Föhrenbach therefore develops its positioning systems on the principle of “everything from one source”. The motors used are in-house developments with very high power density. Above all, however, when it comes to fine milling and grinding of the axles, the company sets above-average standards. This is achieved with very high performance and vertical integration by the use of a specialised machinery including the measurement of produced axes by means of a laser interferometer. In this combination of experienced design and the most demanding production, Föhrenbach succeeds in implementing positioning systems with a repeatability and positioning accuracy in the range of ≤ 1 μm.

No fear of direct-drives - Smooth commissioning included
Direct drives allow high acceleration values compared to mechanical transmission systems. This positive system characteristic places increased demands on the regulation and control of the axes or on the setup and commissioning of drive controllers.
From this aspect as well, Föhrenbach’s integrated approach of supplying all the required components from a single source offers a proven solution. Föhrenbach has developed its own portfolio of controllers and drive controllers, which are delivered completely to customers in the own control cabinet. For customers who choose this integral solution for the positioning technology of their machines, Föhrenbach takes over the setting of the controllers and the commissioning of the axis and multi-axis systems with applied loads. The systems are handed over to the customer ready for operation in an optimized state.
However, even if another drive and control technology is to be used in consideration of equipment regulations or according to customer requirements, the Föhrenbach service technicians offer a commissioning service. According to the respective device specifications, commissioning is prepared at the factory and accompanied on site by the end customer. Especially in view of the low maintenance and the long service life of the direct-drive positioning systems worth this initial effort.
Föhrenbach has all the necessary measuring equipment for detecting position spread, running accuracy ≤ 1“(tilting, yawing and rolling), as well as angular and tumbling errors in rotary axes.
The precision in the machining of the axes is also the guarantee for the robustness of Föhrenbach's directly driven positioning systems described at the beginning. Only in conjunction with a particularly precise design of the remaining mechanical components, the long service life and the minimum maintenance of the systems can be effectively realised in the long term.

Years of successful use in demanding industries
For more than 40 years, Föhrenbach has been developing and manufacturing high-precision components, units and systems for linear and rotary motion in automation technology and precision engineering. For around 20 years, our own developments have been using integrated linear motors that are adapted to the customer's requirements. Thus, a portfolio of systems of different sizes and different strong linear motors have emerged, which, depending on the tightness requirements, have adequate solutions for covering the slide guide. For requirements that cannot be realised with these high-quality standard components, Föhrenbach develops tailor-made systems. These high-precision positioning solutions are used in customer applications with particularly high demands on the quality and/or availability of processing machines. Examples are laser processing, laboratory applications or the printed circuit board industry. In view of many years of customer relations, the developers and service of Föhrenbach can fully confirm the outstanding features and operating advantages of linear and rotary direct drives in positioning tasks. In view of the partly decisive competitive advantages, Föhrenbach is convinced that these solutions will find their way into machine automation concepts to an even greater extent in the future.
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France Business Summit

Oct 14 2018

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France Business Summit

Date: 14 October 2018 3:00 PM

Derma Natural cosmetics Dr. Deep participated in the Economic Delegation of the Korea-Philippines Business Leaders Summit hosted by the Korea International Trade Association and the MEDEF International (Federation of French Industries) in France
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Throughout the exhibition, LUPINE was visited and inquired by buyers from nearby ASEAN regions, including Thailand, the venue of the exhibition, as well as Thailand, the venue of the exhibition, as well as nearby Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.

Daisy, a famous beauty creator with more than 300,000 followers on May Pie, YouTube, and Instagram, also had time to introduce LUPINE products in person during the fair and to promote the Korean nail brand LUPINE in Southeast Asia.

LUPINE is known to have gained huge popularity, with all the samples taken to display and promote the fair exhausted at the beginning of the event.


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The Elesa wireless spindle positioning system enables faster and more reliable machine set up by use of a wireless connected profile controller, which displays the initial set up values on each of up to 36 electronic position indicators. The operator can simply choose the appropriate menu then quickly re-set each spindle to its correct start position and the machine is “good to go”. This saves time and takes out much of the possibility of human error.
Elesa DD52R-E-RF position indicators are networked to the UC-RF control unit by radio connection thus enabling an easy and quick installation. Current and target positions are transmitted by RF to and from the control unit, facilitating rapid machine set up.
The system consequently saves time during the format alignment process. Once the set up profile has been called up by the PLC, the control unit UC-RF transmits the target position to each DD52R-E-RF position indicator. The current/target position is displayed on the LCD of the DD52R-E-RF. The operator manually sets the position of the spindles following the arrow displayed on the LCD (clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation). Once all the spindles are correctly set, the UC-RF control unit communicates to the PLC of the machine that the setup has been completed - the system prevents the start of the machine until the set-up has been completed, for safety reasons and to prevent loss of production from incorrect settings.
The UC-RF controller can network with up to 36 position indicators and is compatible with PLC Interfaces: RS232, RS485, Ethernet/IP, Profibus and Modbus. The DD52R-E-RF (IP67) position indicator 6 digit display mode can be selected by the operator.
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TME showcase NEW Legionella Data Integrity System at Healthcare Estates 2018 Manchester Central 9-10 October

Oct 9 2018

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TME showcase NEW Legionella Data Integrity System at Healthcare Estates 2018 Manchester Central 9-10 October

Date: 09 October 2018 7:45 AM

Location: Manchester Central Convention Complex

TME exhibits specialist solutions to improve NHS legionella risk management operations at Healthcare Estates 2018.

UK thermometer manufacturer, TME, returns to Healthcare Estates 2018 for the third year in a row, with exciting news about the way UK hospitals are using its specialist legionella solutions to improve the data integrity of their legionella risk management operations. 

MD, Tom Sensier, says: “This year we’re showcasing new methods for improving data integrity, using a combination of innovative barcode scanning thermometers and low-cost fixed thermocouple monitoring points to deliver detailed paperless temperature logs for every location across an entire estate – right down to the last sentinel point.”

TME’s MM7000-2D Barcode Scanning Thermometer records not only temperature, time and date but also the exact identity of each location, by scanning its unique barcode. This paperless approach eliminates human recording errors, and providing an accurate audit-ready temperature log for every fixed water asset - calorifier, tap, shower, water tank etc.

TME’s TCWALLPORT is a low-cost, wall-mounted thermocouple monitoring point designed for recording the temperatures of hard to reach water assets eg awkwardly situated calorifier feed and return pipes, boxed-in taps and showers, and high-level storage tanks. Combined with a high accuracy thermometer from any of TME’s MM range, the system produces an instant temperature reading from up to 20 metres away.

Tom Sensier: “We have seen a big take-up of this equipment across a number of Trusts and FM companies, with a growing number of hospitals opting to introduce the fully paperless combined system for ultimate due diligence on ACOP L8.”

TME Legionella Range
IHEEM members regularly ask TME for new solutions to speed up and simplify legionella temperature testing. Other innovative solutions include: 
MM2008 Water Thermometer with integral 1&2 minute timer for hot/cold water tests; 
KS20-S Dual Purpose Surface/Immersion Probe for both pipes and running water tests; 
KM08 Shower Probe with inbuilt collection ‘cup’ for simultaneous temperature sensing.

“Our aim at TME is to offer systems and equipment specifically designed to get the job done faster, more efficiently and with accurate results you can rely on.”

TME When temperature matters

+44 (0)1903 700651    www.tmethermometers.com         sales@tmethermometers.com
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Accumold Showing Micro Mold Examples At DeviceTalks Boston

Oct 9 2018

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Accumold Showing Micro Mold Examples At DeviceTalks Boston

Date: 09 October 2018 3:59 AM

It’s finally here, and the Accumold team has arrived in Boston for DeviceTalks Boston. The event goes from October 8th – 10th at the Westin Boston Waterfront and is a must-attend event for companies and engineers working on next-gen MedTech devices and medical innovations that will change our world.
Accumold will be providing real micro molded parts from past MedTech projects and industry successes for participants to interact with and Accumold’s VP of Marketing and Customer Strategy will be on hand to answer technical questions and overall process questions. Don’t worry, he’s already prepared to answer the most common question he gets “woa, can you really mold parts  that small with plastic?” (The answer is “yes!”)
Keynoting DeviceTalks this year will be Steve MacMillan, CEO of  Hologic. MacMillan has a long history in the MedTech space focusing on women’s health, creating new technology focusing on breast, skeletal, perinatal, gynecological and aesthetic health issues women face throughout their lives.
This year, DeviceTalks Boston will also feature three new tracks created by people familiar with the industry. The ECO-System track is tackling common struggles in the MedTech industry for Boston device manufacturers (and others), the TECH track is focusing on new devices and new technology, and the Investment track will be a resource for companies looking for capital and investors to grow their operations.
Other keynote speakers include Campbell Rogers, MD, VP and Chief Medical Officers for HeartFlow, Todd M. Pope President and CEO of TransEnterix, and Heidi Dohse, Sr. Program Manager of Healthcare at Google plus  many others.
What Is DeviceTalks?
For those unaware, DeviceTalks is a MedTech industry event for the MedTech community meant to create a community and event to foster a free exchange of ideas and insight for leading pioneers and engineers in the MedTech space. The event is hosted by MassDevice, an online journal of record for the medical device (MedTech) industry.
If you can’t make it to Boston, but still have questions on precision micro injection molding, or a new MedTech device,  please reach out. We love to answer questions.
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International trade fair  for automation in production and assembly

Oct 8 2018

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International trade fair for automation in production and assembly

Date: 08 October 2018 9:59 PM

Location: Stuttgart

The international trade fair Motek, which takes place in Stuttgart from 08.10.2018 – 11.10.2018, is the world’s leading event in the fields of production and assembly automation, feed technology and material flow, streamlining through handling technology, and industrial handling. As such, Motek is the only trade fair to clearly focus on all aspects of mechanical engineering and automation and on the presentation of entire process chains.
The consistent target-group orientation is one of Motek’s secrets of success. Focal target groups include automotive, machinery and equipment manufacturing, the electrical and electronics industries, medical engineering and solar production, as well as metal and plastic processing companies in general and their suppliers.
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From Silkeborg to Brønderslev for the great service

Oct 5 2018


From Silkeborg to Brønderslev for the great service

Date: 05 October 2018 9:59 PM

We have always taken pride in supplying the best possible service to our customers – and that pays off. We have a customers who came all the way from Silkeborg to Brønderslev because of the great service we have to offer.

The customer had been looking a valve, but he didn’t know which one he needed or how to mount it for that matter. Every company he had asked couldn’t sell him a valve – unless he could specify the exact type of valve he needed. Moreover, they couldn’t help him mount the valve either.

That was only until he spoke to us at Serman & Tipsmark. Here, the customer quickly discovered that we could guide him in what valve he needed. On top of that, we would also mount it for him. Therefore, he drove all the way from Silkeborg to the office in Brønderslev because we could offer him the service he needed.

To us, meeting the customer in his court and accommodate his needs = good customer service. We are very happy to stand out from the crowd – both in terms of our service and products. This way we can create the little sunshine stories that we live on.  

In the future, when we're driving around Denmark all our customers, you will see us in our nice, new Serman & Tipsmark cars. The new cars have gotten an upgrade in the logo, so now you will know what to look for.
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New Management Area

Oct 3 2018

New service

New Management Area

Date: 03 October 2018 10:59 PM

We have launched a new area of management in order to facilitate the use and understanding of the same.
The updated information of your company is impotrante to the relevãnvia in the research of entities, update frequency your data and add chips products, catalogs, videos and news to your information.
Take advantage of it today to try it out. Do the access in My Account in the upper direct.
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