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Join the Global Chamber for the March 2020 events

May 30 2020

Participate in an event

Join the Global Chamber for the March 2020 events

Date: 30 May 2020 4:00 AM

Location: https://www.globalchamber.org/index.php?src=events&srctype=events_glance&m=3&y=2020

 Multi Contact feature for EasyBusiness

May 26 2020

New product

Multi Contact feature for EasyBusiness

Date: 26 May 2020 4:00 AM

We are excited to announce the new  Multi Contact  feature for EasyBusiness. You can now target up to 50 companies and executive at a time through EasyBusiness! With the  Kompass EasyBusiness Tool, you can access information on 43 million B2B companies in more than 68 countries, with 40 million contacts, and 56,000 products and services.
The new  Multi Contact  feature allows both your sales and marketing teams to save time by targeting multiple companies and executives with just a few easy clicks! Analyze, target, engage and close with our all-in-one solution for Sales and Marketing teams!
How Can My Business Use EasyBusiness?
EasyBusiness is a great tool for marketing and sales. Get the sales team on EasyBusiness and they’ll finish prospecting in no time. Let marketing try it out and they’ll be able to figure out how to segment the market before you know it. Just enter your criteria into the search engine and you’ll be able to produce prospect lists almost as fast as you can think of segments.
But that’s not all your team can use EasyBusiness for – Human Resources can find detailed legal information, your financial team can look up detailed information on competitors, prospects, and partners. Whatever the data you need, you’ll be able to find it on EasyBusiness.
And in case you’re thinking EasyBusiness is only for huge businesses with thousands of employees, don’t worry about it. EasyBusiness has plenty to offer small and medium-sized businesses. Even individual subscribers (like professors and students) can get immense research value from EasyBusiness.
Kompass data is available to Salesforce users directly through Kompass App for Salesforce. This can make a huge difference for salespeople around the world. Knowing how precious your time is today, Salesforce users can now benefit from using Kompass International database directly from their Salesforce account. Once the connector is installed in your Salesforce account, you can benefit from all the feature of the Kompass EasyBusiness.
Kompass can help businesses to:
  • Search for local suppliers
  • Search for international suppliers
  • Search for COVID 19 Emergency Equipment
  • Promote within the global marketplace
  • Analyze global market sectors for potential opportunities
  • Identify suppliers of products and services
  • Identify potential clients, partners, agents, and distributors
  • Identify and research competitors
Kompass serves companies all over the world, whatever their size, to help them develop their business.
Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business that wants to develop its local market, or export its know-how abroad, Kompass puts a unique worldwide database at its clients’ fingertips with its prospecting assistance tools and direct marketing solutions.
Kompass facilitates and securitizes corporate decision-making. The emergence of the information society has greatly increased the role of collecting, processing and interpreting data all along the decision-making chain. The Kompass database is structured to constitute an especially high-performance tool for knowing the industries, the competition, the markets, the players and production.
During this challenging times, we don’t have time to waste! Allow the  Multi Contact  feature for EasyBusiness save you and your team time and energy! To learn more about our new feature and about our EasyBusiness tool,  reach out to us!
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Elesa have recently revised their extensive range of high-quality industrial magnets for use in positioning and clamping applications across almost all industries, from mining to food processing and machining to farming. With high pull force and many shape options available in different alloys, these popular magnets are suitable for a variety of purposes which are frequently difficult to appreciate, as they are often located internal to the equipment where they are installed.
Design and production engineers will perhaps be familiar with the use of high strength magnets in actuation and in holding placement, e.g. on production lines to hold jigs in place, or temporary covers, doors or masks for industrial processes, with the advantage that they are very quick to place and to remove, so speeding up the overall manufacturing or processing cycle.  They have no need for catches or latches, screws or clips – they hold tight and can be manually or mechanically removed with ease, simply by arranging to release the magnetic contact.
Characterised by different shapes and overall dimensions, the Elesa range of magnets are high quality and highly versatile: from cylindrical retaining magnets, flat retaining magnets, horseshoe magnets to both shielded and unshielded magnets. High strength magnets are also available for lifting and pulling applications in standard executions of hard ferrite resistant to temperatures up to 200°C - (SmCo) Samarium cobalt magnet resistant to temperatures up to 200°C and (NdFeB) Neodymium-iron-boron magnet resistant to temperatures up to 80°C.
Further information regarding Elesa products may be found here.
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The irruption of the COVID-19 across the world has altered purchasing habits and amplified an already growing trend: e-commerce. In line with the mobility restrictions that our societies are enduring, online commerce remains as a solid ally for companies nowadays.
As a leading supplier to the corrugated and folding carton industries for hot and cold gluing and quality assurance systems, Valco Melton is offering SealTak® a multiple application solution package for your e-commerce products from a single supplier.

This includes the application of pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive and release liner for easier peel and seal (replaces Transfer Tape), the application of Tear Tape, and optional cold glue equipment for In-Line Cross Gluing – a complete solution from one single brand.
By eliminating the use of double-sided tapes, Sealtak® technology brings the following benefits:
-       Improved easy peel and seal feature
-       Stronger bond
-       Reduced downtime
-       High speed and efficiency
-       Cost savings
Learn more about the complete e-commerce packaging solution, and watch how it works by visiting: https://www2.valcomelton.com/learn-more-about-sealtak-system
For additional information, you may contact us at info@valcomelton.es, or find your closest Valco Melton representative at https://www.valcomelton.com/find-us/
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The Elesa ESD (electro-static discharge) range of standard components are especially attractive to the spraying and powder coating industry, by virtue of their lack of electro-static build-up, which ensures that they remain free of powder accumulation.
Since its inception in the 1960s, electro-static powder coating has become the pre-eminent and widely prefaced industrial coating system for the majority of protective situations. Elesa’s high-performing ESD bridge handles, fluted grip knobs, and levelling feet all provide an electro-static discharge function; ensuring they can be readily used for extended periods in an environment where dust/powder is present by definition, and could easily lead to equipment becoming unusable. ESD components simply side-step the problem, facilitating extended use.
Not only do Elesa manufacture their ESD range themselves, they make their own tooling and moulds, and have a continuous materials testing program with major suppliers. This ensures they are able to maintain the highest quality standards from concept to production and onward, through their own global stock/supply chain, supported by experienced in-country technical sales teams.
High-performing lines like these ESD products support specialist industries with online, telephone and personal onsite contact where needed.
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