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Hand sanitizer,  Hand Clean Gel

Mar 31 2020

New product

Hand sanitizer, Hand Clean Gel

Date: 31 March 2020 3:00 PM

Safe Hand Clean Gel - Made in Korea 

Reliable hand cleanser for hand washing and protecting
It contains eight natural extracts, such as Propolis extract and Lavender essential oil, which have good calming effect on the skin.
It can help your hand make moist and clean. 
You able to use it with an easy mind

Kill 99.9% of Germ 
70% Ethanol
Lavender Scent
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IZAR launches the new 19-15 piece drill bit sets

Mar 25 2020

New product

IZAR launches the new 19-15 piece drill bit sets

Date: 25 March 2020 11:00 PM

IZAR launches the new 19-25 piece drill bit sets from OLATU collection, expanding our exclusive packaging family.
IZAR consolidates on the market with a uniform and contemporary look aligned with its values. Improves the look and feel of the packaging so tahti it becomes more ergonomic, sisistant and light.
IZAR being a social economy company, is committed to the environment. OLATU Project has been designed according to the Eco-Design parameters, reducing environmental impact throughout the product life cycle by 64% compared to the preious solution.
IZAR has succeeded in transfering corporate identity into visual inentty by trangibilizing brand experience into concepts such as the new OLATU pakaging, that together with the new labelling allows a better product identification in the outlets.
OLATU aims to strengthen the outlets image bringing more value to the customers
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Great flexibility during installation

Mar 11 2020

New product

Great flexibility during installation

Date: 11 March 2020 11:00 PM

Flexible temperature channel from hotset reduces design effort in tool making
With the temperature channels of the tempflex series hotset expands the creative scope of the designers in tool and mold making. Thanks to the reversible flexibility of this corrugated hose solution made of stainless steel, the cooling and heating channels in the cavities can be freely laid out. In this way, it is very easy to create installation patterns with tight radii that are close to the cavity outlines. In addition, demanding deep drillings can often be avoided.

Tightly packed interiors, faulty drillings or even overly ambitious deadlines - such adversities are all too familiar to toolmakers in plastics and foundry technology. In such cases, the use of tempflex temperature channels from hotset can prove to be an equally user-friendly and cost-effective solution. This is a flexible corrugated hose product made of stainless steel, which can be used for quick and easy realisation of cavity-close temperature control. The toolmaker and his design engineer have the possibility to design even complex structured channel layouts with small bending radii of only 10 mm without extensive deep drilling. "Our tempflex temperature channels are simply fitted into previously milled grooves and connected to the media supply with the ends of the plug-in couplings. They can basically be used for cooling, preheating or heating of molds used in injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming and casting", says hotset project engineer Bernward Seeberg.

Applicable up to 250° C and 10 bar
Manufacturer hotset - known for innovative heating element and thermodynamic solutions - offers the tempflex temperature channels as standard in lengths from 200 to 2,600 mm and in cross-sections of 8.0 mm x 8.0 mm and 12.0 mm x 12.0 mm. The corrugated hose is always made of stainless steel, while its plug-in couplings are either made of brass (metric) or stainless steel (inch). At operating temperatures of up to 250° C the flexible temperature channel from hotset can be used for applications with oil as well as with water. "The tempflex is designed for a maximum pressure of up to 10 bar and is designed in such a way that it only has a minimal pressure resistance compared to the usual 90° deflections - even with tight installation radii", emphasizes Bernward Seeberg.

Versatile problem solver
Especially in the recent past, hotset's development engineers have further refined and improved the tempflex, so that the adaptable corrugated hose is now available to tool manufacturers as a solution for very different tasks. As its application makes expensive and time-consuming deep drillings superfluous, the tempflex can also be used for the quick execution of rework or corrections on existing mold cavities. Sometimes it proves to be a cost-effective retrofitting mold for the revival of older or discarded molds. "Even if subsequent optimisations of the temperature control system of a complex mold are pending, for example because its interior is now too heavily built up or more efficient cooling is required in certain sections, the tempflex always provides valuable services", reports hotset project engineer Seeberg.

Low maintenance and corrosion resistant
Apart from its flexibility and versatility, hotset's tempflex scores as a low-maintenance and corrosion-resistant temperature control solution. It does not clog, is very easy to handle and can be installed and exchanged without the use of special tools. Matching the tempflex, hotset's range of accessories includes metric and inch quick couplings for 1/4" sleeves with or without cut-off valve. On request, the customer also receives the tempflex in special lengths of more than 2,600 mm.
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MTM Power has expanded its range of DC/DC converters with a new series that is tailor-made to meet the requirements in vehicle technology. Highest quality and safety are of particular importance when using power supplies in these applications. As a link between the supply system and the electronic subsystems, extremely high demands are placed on them with regard to their reliability. Due to the good price performance ratio and the excellent technical data, these converters, though, are increasingly used in stationary and industrial applications.
The new PMDS200-FT series can be flexibly used. The nominal input voltages are 48 V and 80 V. The existing input filter protects the devices against the typical transients occurring inmon-board electrical systems. The standard output voltages are 12 V and 24 V. Other voltages, e.g. end-of-charge voltages for lead-acid batteries can be realised on request.
The low Ripple & Noise values combined with a high output voltage constant guarantee reliable operation of all connected consumers. Other decisive features are short-circuit resistance, transient protection, the insulation resistance of 1.18 kVAC prim.-sec. and a wide temperature range -35...70 °C (85 °C on request).
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