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Description of the Product

AFES Household Vacuum Sealer keeps various kinds of foods fresh for long time. If you have leftovers in your home, or if you want to store food in the refrigerator for a long time when you bought it, this vacuum sealer is probably the best tools. In addition, it is an multi-purpose packer that is very convenient to use for other purposes such as packing clothes in travel suits as well as foods.

Vacuum Bag & Vacuum Zipper Bag 
- with Manual Packer
  • Manual Pump  : ABS, PTR, grease 
  • Zipper Bag : Nylon+PE , HDPE, rubber 
  • Handy Pump : ABS, screw, rubber, motor
  • These devices do not require electricity.
Maintain freshness 
Keep hygienic 
Anti-food contamination 
Prevent frost 
Maintain a unique flavor 
Keep refrigerator clean 
Anti odor 
Easy to carry

**Price : From 0.183 USD

Price of the Product

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