Automatic sliding door operator(Wall mounting type, For heavy door) CT-803F of CORTECH CO..LTD


Description of the Product

All important parts including Controller, Motor, etc. of this operator are made in Korea.
- Wall mounting type
- Sliding door system for more big size entrance in factory or depot. Equipped two motorr
- Self-diagnosis function at initial setting
- Automatically adjust width of opening/closing(50~100%)
- Motor is High efficient and low noisy DC 24V including reducer(worm gear type)and encoder, and electric locking
..system is built in
- Self-circit protected controller
- Keep steady voltage by SMPS(Switched-Mode Power Supply)
Product ready for delivery

Price and payment

From 700.00 USD
  • Bank transfer

Characteristics of the Product

  • Type Wall mounting type
  • Model CT-803F
  • Dimension 4800mm
  • Brand Cortech
  • Certification CE
  • Origin Korea