AutoMTS (MINI-PIN) microneedling device for home use of Woorhi Mechatronics Co., Ltd.


Description of the Product

Minipin is a at-home microneedling device released by our company in 2019.
Microneedling has the purpose of stimulating the skin with fine needles and absorbing cosmetics directly into the skin layer. You can experience expensive microneedling procedures at home that were previously available in dermatology, spa, etc.
Unlike other companies manual type microneedling products, the Minipin utilizes the motor to create about 40,000 skin passages in one minute. In just 10 minutes, 400,000 drops of cosmetics are absorbed directly into the skin, and the absorption rate is five times higher than when the cosmetics are applied by hand.
You can maximize the improvement effect by using whitening, wrinkle-management functional cosmetics or hair loss-relieving cosmetics together. Also, the single charge allows you to use it wirelessly for about 30 minutes anywhere, anytime, and is technology-intensive with 60g of ultra-light weight to maximize portability.

Price of the Product

From 100.00 USD

Technical Details

  • Tip Cartridge : 12PIN x 0.25mm / E.O Gas sterilized packaging
  • RPM : 2,000
  • Weight : 74g
  • Battery : Rechargeable, Wireless Type / Rated Voltage: 3.7V
  • Power Consumption : 1.4W(3.7V x 0.38A)
  • Charging time / Working time : 40 mins / 30 mins when it is fully charged
  • Certificate : KC, CE, FCC, CQC