BF Super Lash Tie 5ml/Lash Tie of Beauty Farmers


Description of the Product

It is very sensational product for 2019~2020.
It helps to dry any adhesive much faster.
This will work with all adhesives and all types of lashes.
Also it could help long lasting eyelashes and helps less irritate after the treatment.

5ml Super Lash Tie could use for 50 clients!

(How to Use)
(1)  Squeeze two drops of super lash tie, 
(2)  Whpe using micro brush adhesive bonding points.
(3)  Then you can take a shower, swinming, sauna after applied it. 

Apply Super Lash Tie after fully finished eyelash extension application. 
Fully dry well eyelash glue first !
Only apply using micro brush. Inportant !
Need to use very small amount of Super Lash Tie.
Recommend use only for professionals.
This Super Lash Tie set hard eyelash glue just one second.

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

Capacity : 5ml


Category of the Product