BPA Free Reusable Eco Friendly Baby Kids Silicone Medicator Liquids Medicine Dispenser Sets(3 pcs) of MSC Co., Ltd.


Description of the Product

Baby Kids Silicone Feeding Medicator Liquid Medicine Dispenser
- This is the third series of reusable products following silicon straws and water bottles.
- The advantages of silicon are harmless to the human body and can be reused semi-permanent.
- It has the advantage of being heat-resistant and clean.
- Production of silicone materials harmless to the human body
- Reusable with heat sterilization
- Easy to clean and easy to inject medicine with a wide entrance
- Soft material, Safe feeding liquid medicine
- 100% production in KOREA, using the highest grade platinum silicon
- US FDA, German FLGB certification for silicon products.
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Price and payment

From 5.00 AED
  • Bank transfer
  • Letter of Credit

Characteristics of the Product

  • Brand Eeeek
  • Origin South Korea