Lightning Rod of Primesolution Corp.


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Description of the Product

  • The latest model in products of ionizing radiation ESE lightning rod of Prime Solution
  • Traditional rush lightning rod type
  • Technical and cost-effective performance
  • Application of brand new technique of electronic circuit 
  • Strong durability with stainless steel
  • Durability and long life assurance
**Price(EXW) : $764~907

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

Protective radius of ESE lightning rod

The protection radius according to the height of the ESE lightning rod is stated in NFC 17-102, and the range of the protection of the ESE lightning rod is calculated as shown in the table of NFC 17-102 below.

Protection Level  /  Radius of Rolling Sphere / Min. Lightning Current / Probability
        1                      20m                         3kA                            99%
        2                      45m                         10kA                          93%
        3                      60m                         15kA                           85%