Description of the Product

For Your Safe Outdoor Activities 'RUMY GOGGLE MASK'

-Bandanna Typed Mask (Doesn't ruin hair style & makeup easily)
- Comfortable & easily wearing and Taking off
-High drapability. Comfortable Fitting, optimal for outdoor & sports wear
-100% UV Blockage 
-Quick dry
-Visible ray bloackage
-Effective Heat Blocking 
-Keeps skin cool
- One sized : compatible among every age

-light weight 30grams
-Avoid distortion through the use of Extrusion lens
-Flexible & doesn't break easily
-99% UV Blockage
-16cm wide, 7.5cm height >> Clear and wide open view
- Mask & Lens Detachable
-Able to use as goggles only if buy additional goggle strap
- Anti-Fog lens

* 7 types of Mask designs
* 4 types of goggle (smoke-mirror lens/ polarizing lens/ Night lens/ Clear Lens)

When to wearking
- Jogging
- Hiking
- Biogging
- Skiing
- Snowboarding
- Gardening
- Fishing
- Sand sledding
- Any outdoor activity

ODM available

Bullet Proof Lens

-Passed U.S Military Bullet Proof Test
-Delivered to Police Commando & Navy Special forces (2017/ 2018)
-Affiliated with the Korean Forest Service

Price of the Product

Price on request

Characteristics of the Product

  • Type Goggle Mask
  • Dimension 16cm wide / 7.5cm high
  • Brand RUMY
  • Certification ANSI Z87.1 Bullet Proof Test - U.S Military Standards
  • Origin South Korea