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Description of the Product

Fiber laser cutting system
This is a machine tool that cuts various materials (mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.) by nc using the laser output from the laser oscillator. In this system, 5 sheets of 4'x8 'can be processed simultaneously.

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

To cut the maximum thickness the following conditions must be met:
1. Optimized Laser Processing System
2. Use of laser-only materials

Maximum Processing size  : 6,250m x 2,570mm 
External Monitor :LCD Monitor
Touch Panel : 21"Full HD  Touch Screen
Product Collection Type : Conveyor or chip box
Controller : B&R (ARNCO)
Max. Axis Speed Simultaneous :127m / min
Positioning Accuracy : ± 0.1mm / 3,000mm
Acceleration : 0.7G (6.86m/sec²)