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Boasting more than 68 years of experience in the design, manufacture, distribution and support of adhesive dispensing systems for the tissue, pulp, and paper industries, Valco Melton has first-hand knowledge of the most common concerns of core-winders when investing in their glue supply system. Contrary to the general feeling, the output pressures generated by the more expensive
 piston pumps are unnecessarily oversized for core winding. Adhesives commonly used in this process contain solids that may damage the pump seals and reduce its lifespan resulting in increased machine downtime and complex maintenance tasks.
Diaphragm pumps however are an excellent alternative to piston pumps offering numerous benefits. Low-pressure pumps work with all kinds of adhesives with minimal wear and required less maintenance resulting in a more cost-effective option.
Valco Melton’s DD-1 diaphragm pump features a unique electronic-reversing mechanism which allows the pump shaft to creep slowly and avoids stroke stalling. The adhesive feed rate for a core winder extrusion line is so low that the pump strokes extremely slow. In consequence, our DD-1 pump is the best choice for a continuous core winding process with no unexpected machine stops.
Valco Melton offers the tissue manufacturing industry including core-winding and the others being tail tie, adhesive pick up for tissue machines, ply lamination, and tissue tack & reel (full sheet transfer system for tissue machines).
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Aug 2 2020

New product


Date: 02 August 2020 10:00 PM

LIPTOAQUA is keeping its commitments with aquaculture industry. We have recently launched our latest development VITAL PLUS H.R to eliminate gaps in handling operations and face stress in aquaculture systems.
We have designed Vital Plus H.R., nutraceutical product recommended for fish after stress challenges such as treatments with antibiotics, weakness states, seasonal water temperature changes, vaccination, transporting and fish classification.
Vital Plus H.R. has the goal to reduce the negative impact of stress on fish, favoring a faster recuperation under conditions of intensive production. Vital Plus H.R has natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties, useful to avoid chronic enteritis process due to high feeding rate periods, sudden changes of temperature, seasonal feeding changes (from winter to spring and summer to autumn). Also incorporates plant extracts with immunomodulator activity, helping to reduce risk of opportunistic bacterial disease.
For further information ask our technical team: info@liptoaqua.com
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Jul 13 2020



Date: 13 July 2020 10:00 PM

Products on sale.
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Since 1968, the Spanish company REPLASA has offered customized solutions to its customers. Technological innovation and investment in research and development have allowed for the steady healthy growth of the company. Replasa offers the highest standards of quality and environmentally friendly products. They specialize in  high value added coatings used the world over by renowned customers in the transportation, construction, and appliance markets. REPLASA , for its inaugural attendance will present in hall B7 booth 406.  The products on display offer different coatings and finishes, which are highly suited for shipbuilding
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Jul 6 2020

New product


Date: 06 July 2020 10:00 PM

The lastest products of Inoxibar.
Visit our website.
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The irruption of the COVID-19 across the world has altered purchasing habits and amplified an already growing trend: e-commerce. In line with the mobility restrictions that our societies are enduring, online commerce remains as a solid ally for companies nowadays.
As a leading supplier to the corrugated and folding carton industries for hot and cold gluing and quality assurance systems, Valco Melton is offering SealTak® a multiple application solution package for your e-commerce products from a single supplier.

This includes the application of pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive and release liner for easier peel and seal (replaces Transfer Tape), the application of Tear Tape, and optional cold glue equipment for In-Line Cross Gluing – a complete solution from one single brand.
By eliminating the use of double-sided tapes, Sealtak® technology brings the following benefits:
-       Improved easy peel and seal feature
-       Stronger bond
-       Reduced downtime
-       High speed and efficiency
-       Cost savings
Learn more about the complete e-commerce packaging solution, and watch how it works by visiting: https://www2.valcomelton.com/learn-more-about-sealtak-system
For additional information, you may contact us at info@valcomelton.es, or find your closest Valco Melton representative at https://www.valcomelton.com/find-us/
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IZAR launches the new 19-15 piece drill bit sets

Mar 25 2020

New product

IZAR launches the new 19-15 piece drill bit sets

Date: 25 March 2020 11:00 PM

IZAR launches the new 19-25 piece drill bit sets from OLATU collection, expanding our exclusive packaging family.
IZAR consolidates on the market with a uniform and contemporary look aligned with its values. Improves the look and feel of the packaging so tahti it becomes more ergonomic, sisistant and light.
IZAR being a social economy company, is committed to the environment. OLATU Project has been designed according to the Eco-Design parameters, reducing environmental impact throughout the product life cycle by 64% compared to the preious solution.
IZAR has succeeded in transfering corporate identity into visual inentty by trangibilizing brand experience into concepts such as the new OLATU pakaging, that together with the new labelling allows a better product identification in the outlets.
OLATU aims to strengthen the outlets image bringing more value to the customers
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Valco Melton opens new office in Poland

Mar 17 2020

New office opening

Valco Melton opens new office in Poland

Date: 17 March 2020 11:00 PM

Location: Poland

After 4 years of successful operation in Siechnice, and in order to provide improved customer service, Valco Melton Poland has moved its headquarters. This change is effective as of 7th Feb, 2020. You can now find us at:
Valco Melton Poland Sp. z o.o.
Ptasia 1
55-095 Długołęka, Polska

Valco Melton Poland opened its doors in 2016, as part of the company’s strategy to expand its global footprint and to strengthen its position in Eastern Europe.
Since that date, Valco Melton Poland has been providing local businesses with a direct access to a full range of gluing and quality assurance systems, including:

-       The latest in hot melt and cold glue dispensing technologies, as well as quality assurance systems
-       Direct and dedicated technical support
-       Process upgrading and optimization consultancy and support
It is our goal to continue to provide our Polish customers with the best in gluing equipment and service, and we are confident that our new location will be an asset in achieving this purpose.
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For countless years, the paper bag manufacturing machinery has been utilizing pneumatic hot melt dispensing equipment for patch handle attachment until the recent emergence of the all-electric technology. Valco Melton’s EcoStitch applicator incorporates an innovative gluing technology, applicable to handle patch formation and attachment, bottom paste and bottom patch reinforcement, and bag seam gluing.
The benefits that EcoStitch all-electric technology brings to bag manufacture are almost endless. By focusing on the client, all-electric systems improve the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) by reducing adhesive usage, downtime and consumable parts, giving bag producers a direct competitive advantage over their rivals.
Historically, manufacturers have used compressed air (pneumatic systems) because it was easily available and satisfied the original design criteria established by early hot melt systems. Nevertheless, these pneumatic systems have had several long-term issues including constant and costly parts replacement, diminishing solenoid performance and use dynamic seals which are at the heart of system performance inefficiency. Electric gear pumps and electric valves require almost 90% less seals and spare parts to run, when compared to pneumatic pumps and valves. By eliminating the number of moving parts, all-electric systems eliminate the chance of failure, caused by worn out or imperfect seals.
Further, it is in regards to adhesive consumption that sets EcoStitch apart from all other gluing methods. Its new glue dots pattern application, configurable by the customer for every product requirement, allows from 40 to 70% in adhesive savings. In most frequent cases, this guarantees complete payback in as little as 4 months
Bond strength is also benefited by a dot and gap pattern. In an adhesive bead pattern, only the bead ends provide a high bond. However, EcoStitch dots, while putting down less adhesive, provide more bonding surface area and more independent bonds with focused fiber penetration. Every dot flatten out 360-degrees with compression providing more bonding surface area while maintaining heat penetration. Valco Melton’s solution has passed each and every strength test developed by the most strict customers - an evidence of reliability.
 Sustainability continues to be a key fact in package design and equipment design. As the packaging industry feels pressure to reduce its overall carbon footprint, all electric systems offer an attractive solution toward fulfilling these goals. In recognition of Valco Melton’s commitment with ecological values, EcoStitch technology has been nominated for the Sustainability Awards 2019 due its proved environmental benefits reducing adhesive usage.

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Application of Flexible Electric Heating Elements

Oct 22 2019


Application of Flexible Electric Heating Elements

Date: 22 October 2019 10:00 PM

The use of  flexible electric heating elements is necessary in various industrial applications. Their great versatility allows their application in very reduced spaces (paint injectors, laboratory material, lenses...), as well as in large spaces (curing of resins in blades of wind mills, silos, cold rooms, air conditioning equipment, etc.).
One of the growing markets is the railway (glass heating, hot water tanks, floors, doors...), where materials must be fireproof under  UNE-EN 45545-2 standards.
In terms of materials, these are chosen according to the temperature and the heating means, being able to use: silicone, kapton, fiberglass and others. All of them comply with CE, UL, CSA and VDE certifications.
For further information, do not hesitate to  contact Electricfor's sales department.
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What are the characteristics of curved electric heating elements for ovens?

Oct 20 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of curved electric heating elements for ovens?

Date: 20 October 2019 10:00 PM

Curved electric heating elements for ovens are formed by a wire or tape of suitable alloy shaped for their suspension in refractories made of mineral wool.
We talk about tubular elements classified into various models which, in turn, can also be applied in other sectors such as refrigeration, chemical reactors or industrial drying.
Models of  curved electric heating elements available at Electricfor are:
-    M8GRK models
-    REINF models
-    R Models
-    U models
-    Mx360 Models
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What are spiral electric heating elements?

Sep 12 2019

Preguntas Frecuentes

What are spiral electric heating elements?

Date: 12 September 2019 10:00 PM

Spiral  electric heating elements consist of cylindrical spirals formed by one or two resistive wires of suitable alloy depending on the application.
Its main features include the inclusion of a nickel-chrome alloy wire heating element and a normalized tension of -230 V.
The usual applications are: industrial dryers, air heaters, stoves, etc.
Moreover, and according to the alloy wire they contain, we can distinguish three types of models:
  • M models, with a 20-5 quality and mainly intended for stoves.
  • MS models, with a 80-20 quality and useful for all applications.
  • MC models, with a 20-5 quality and used in quartz and infrared tubes.
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Valco Melton, finalist for the Sustainability Awards 2019

Sep 9 2019


Valco Melton, finalist for the Sustainability Awards 2019

Date: 09 September 2019 10:00 PM

Valco Melton is pleased to announce that its EcoStitch™ Technology is one of the four finalists of the 2019 Sustainability Awards, in the “Machinery” category.
These independently judged awards are accredited by the World Packaging Organization, and honour six companies who have developed a solution with a positive impact on different areas of packaging innovation.
More specifically, the “Machinery” category for which EcoStitch Technology has been nominated, recognizes innovations in engineering that have increased production line environmental efficiencies.
Valco Melton’s EcoStitch hot melt package sealing solution is bringing innovation, sustainability and lower carbon footprints to the end of line packaging process.  EcoStitch technology is an all-electric hot melt gluing solution that eliminates compressed air and all dynamic wear seals that are used in traditional pneumatic glue systems.  All EcoStitch solutions focus on reducing the adhesive usage on each product from 35% to as much as 75%, eliminating the need for compressed air, faster production speeds and no wear parts requiring preventive or routine maintenance.  Valco Melton is the world leader in all electric gluing solutions which make an immediate impact in lowering the carbon footprint of any manufacturing facility it’s integrated into.  
Whether it’s providing more sustainability through reduction in compressed air, reduction in materials used to produce product or the elimination of parts and downtime, the Valco Melton EcoStitch solution is disrupting the package sealing marketplace in a major and impactful way.
As explained in the Sustainability Awards website, these awards “ set the agenda on best practice, turn the spotlight on the most important areas of R&D, and help separate greenwash from the innovations that make a genuine difference.”
At Valco Melton, we are proud to be part of this event, as we feel it recognizes our ongoing efforts in developing more sustainable solutions for the multiple industries we serve. We are looking forward to the Award Ceremony that will take place at FachPack Show in Nuremberg, on September 25.
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Immersion Electric Heating Elements for Galvanic Baths

Aug 25 2019

Immersion Electric Heating Elements for Galvanic B

Immersion Electric Heating Elements for Galvanic Baths

Date: 25 August 2019 10:00 PM

Recently, Electricfor has manufactured 250 immersion units made up of  immersion electric heating elements for a  galvanic bath line. These immersion units, made of  titanium and  316L stainless steel, have a  550 KW power.
Galvanic baths involve covering the surface of an aggressive material or liquid with a continuous, adherent and metallic layer in which the conductor is immersed in an electrolyte. This layer is called  electrolytic coating.
One of the main objectives of electrolytic coatings is to increase  resistance to corrosion,  surface hardness or  wear resistance, among others.
Electricfor's galvanic immersion units are made of highly corrosion-resistant materials including  titaniumIncoloy®Teflon®pyrex and  porcelain.
In addition, they all feature a  hermetic resin head with an IP67 degree of protection whose main objective is to prevent steam from penetrating chemical and electrolytic baths.
For any further information about  immersion electric heating elements for galvanic baths, please do not hesitate to  contact Electricfor's sales department.
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Electric Heating Elements for Bitumen Transport

Jul 21 2019

Bitumen Transport

Electric Heating Elements for Bitumen Transport

Date: 21 July 2019 10:00 PM

For bitumen hot transport by road, rail and ship, special containers are required to ensure that the right temperature is maintained by heaters approved and complying with  ADR and CSC standards.
Electricfor manufactured 4 heaters with  electric heating elements, and a 30.000W power capacity each, with the aim of keeping the bitumen heated in 20" containers for transport.
These containers have a capacity of 29,500 liters and, optionally, two  combustion chambers at their ends. In them the aforementioned heaters have been installed to maintain the temperature of 150ºC. Each heater is  5.5 metres long and made entirely of  stainless steel. They also have a  thermal space that insulates the connections from temperature.
For greater protection against outdoor exposure, the junction box is manufactured with  IP66 protection.   
If you need further information about the special transport equipment designed and manufactured by Electricfor, please do not hesitate to  contact its sales department.
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Electricfor, a specialist in the design and manufacture of  electric heating elements, has designed and manufactured a GCP group compressed air heater with control panel for CIMO, a company located in Switzerland.


The primary function of a GCP heater is to heat any air or fluid. This project involves compressed air with an outlet temperature of 175 °C. With an output of 115 KW in two stages, the GCP heater is completely made of AISI316L stainless steel and internally insulated with a mineral blanket.

The control panel included is managed by a Siemens PLC, model Simatic S7, whose power is regulated by a thyristor.

Electricfor's team designated for this project has personally supervised the start-up of the heater at CIMO's facilities in Switzerland. CIMO is a joint venture between BASF and Sygenta, which produces cleaning products for polymers whose main use is in the automotive and agronomy sectors.

For further information about Electricfor  air compressed heaters, do not hesitate to contact its sales department.
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Aluminium Cast Electric Heating Elements

May 30 2019


Aluminium Cast Electric Heating Elements

Date: 30 May 2019 10:00 PM

One of the least known applications of Electricfor's Electric Heating Elements, which is directly related to  ATEX certification in explosive environments, is  plastic injection.

In this case we are talking about  aluminium casted heating elements that ease heat transmission and allow a higher load per cm², as they have a better heat dissipation. Optionally, these heating elements, which are specially designed for explosive environments and therefore ATEX-certified, can be equipped with  cooling tubes symmetrically arranged inside the heating element to provide uniform cooling throughout the entire cast body.

Regarding their design options, the shapes can vary and be totally customized according to the needs of each project. The  L-shaped designshown in the attached photo is normally used in square and rectangular extrusion moulds.
In addition,  clamps can be designed with external fins for faster cooling.

Other common applications for ATEX heaters casted in aluminium are:
-     Amine gasifiers.
-     Plastic extruders.
-     Sealing machines.
-     Chemical processes.

For further information about the application of this type of ATEX-certified electric heating elements, please do not hesitate to  contact Electricfor's sales department.
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Recently, Electricfor has completed the manufacture of two complete sets of  charge stations with electric heating elements for a leading company in the smart charging sector for electric vehicles. The design proposed by the client has been validated by our engineering department (usually Electricfor designs its own charging stations).

Precisely, and thanks to Electricfor's long experience in the  renewable energy sector, it has been possible to carry out this project whose main objective is to test the electric charger with an electric charge station in a laboratory.

A charging station is a unit incorporating an  internal alignment of shielded electrical elements with a  built-in fan to air them and remove the internal heat produced inside.

This charging station is powered by 180 kW and the heating elements inside can work under a voltage of 1,000Vdc.

It is therefore a very interesting project that shows, once again, Electricfor's commitment to  renewable energy, and with the boom in the production and launch of new electric cars.

For further information about this project and the equipment that is part of these charging stations, you can  consult with Electricfor's sales department.
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Electric Heating Elements for Air and Water Heating in Climatización y Refrigeración 2019

Apr 3 2019

Participate in an event

Electric Heating Elements for Air and Water Heating in Climatización y Refrigeración 2019

Date: 03 April 2019 10:00 PM

Electricfor's electric heating elements for air and water heating were present at Climatización y Refrigeración 2019, the International Exhibition of Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration located at Ifema Madrid, from 26 February to 1 March.
Tecnova Piscinas, Siga and Genera, in which Electricfor was also present, were also held simultaneously with Climatización y Refrigeración.
C&R is an international show where the most advanced air conditioning market solutions are presented, and an overview of the industry is provided through novelties introduced by more than 375 companies. These novelties include innovation in related technology, optimisation and installation control, equipment design, new refrigerants, energy cost reduction and environmental care.
On the other hand, Genera is the international trade fair for energy and the environment; while Tecnova Piscinas and Siga are closely related to technology and innovation in swimming pools and water management.
The primary objective of all these shows is to capture the attention and interest of its participants in technological innovation, energy efficiency and the environment.
Electricfor's main product is used at all the fairs mentioned above, which, as we have already said, have featured its presence:
-    At Climatización y Refrigeración, air-water heating and defrosting.
-    At Tecnova Piscinas, water heating.
-    At Siga, water heating.
-    At Genera, air, gas and water heating. Engineering related applications as well.
For further information and details about Electricfor products and applications, please  contact its sales department.

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Electricfor Electric Heating Elements Awarded in a TEDAGUA Project

Jan 27 2019


Electricfor Electric Heating Elements Awarded in a TEDAGUA Project

Date: 27 January 2019 11:00 PM

Power generation and water treatment is one of the applications that Electricfor  electric heating elements can perform in large projects.
Recently, one of these projects carried out by  TEDAGUA, a member of the COBRA GROUP (ACS), was awarded for the design, construction and five-year operation of a desalination plant, a transfer line and a drinking water tank in Djibouti for ONEAD, the national water company of this African country.
Such desalination plant, which has a capacity of 22,500 m3 per day, has benefited from the contribution of two flanged heating units by Electricfor. These are made up of numerous U-shaped rods inside an alloy tube mounted on an ANSI flange.
Both units also feature a stainless steel connection box specially designed for resistance in humid environments. In addition, separating plates are responsible for the contact between resistances thanks to their uniform distribution throughout the body.
TEDAGUA's projects, which are also awarded for their efficiency, once again demonstrate Electricfor's potential in the design and manufacture of electrical heating elements. For this reason, and due to its hundred-year experience within this sector, many companies rely on its contribution to large projects.
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